April 8, 2011

Rockin' in the Wind

The night after our Long Day, the wind blew.  Hard.  I'm guessing gusts to 40 MPH.  We could hear it building several canyons away, working up steam, creating a crescendo that rocked the trailer when it hit. 
The horses had no good break for what became an increasingly icy wind, so when the wind failed to let up a few hours after dark, we put them in the trailer for the night. 
Finally, all of us got some sleep.
The next morning, the thermometer we keep in the tack room read 17degrees F!  Wait, wasn't this supposed to be southern Utah?  Apparently, someone was confused.
By 9AM, the day had warmed up to slightly above freezing. 
The blue grama caught the morning light.  The curled seedheads might be why the cowboys call it curly grass. Or maybe it's because the grass blades near the ground tend to curl. 
Daisy soaked up some rays. 
When we started saddling for one more ride, she hung out almost under Boss's feet, doing her best to make sure she got to go with us.  She hates to be left behind.
However, she was still tired from the previous day and we didn't think her paws could take any more sandstone. So, much to her regret, we left her in the trailer and took off for another few hours of exploration in canyon country.


  1. Poor Daisy... She sent me an email from the trailer --telling me how sad she was.. She said that she missed all of you SO much.... ha ha

    GADS---that is cold.... That 17 degree cold front and wind must have felt even colder!!!!! Hope you all had enough warm clothes.....Brrrrrr.

    Love the curly grass!!!!

  2. Poor Daisy. I got that email too, but worded a little differently. ;)

  3. Curly grass. So that is what that was. I saw some while in New Mexico. It intrigued me enough to take a picture of a few curls plucked and set up for a photo. Now I wish I had done a shot like you did. Well you learn something everyday.

  4. Poor Daisy. She apparently knew you were going to try and leave her behind. I wonder what the weather wa like in northern Utah!

  5. Sounds like you are getting our wind. Take care of all the animals - includy you guys. Good luck. Maybe spring will come.

  6. Beautiful picture, that grass. I'm with Daisy. No fun to be left behind.

  7. I'm sure Daisy appreciated the rest. She is fantastically fit but a rest day is good after a long paw-sore trek.

  8. Well - I got Daisy's E-mail, too - poor Gal! She was a little worried about how you would navigate without her. These are great pics, Janie. Love the one of Daisy in the grass relaxing. It's been so windy here, too.

  9. The curly grass photo is beautiful!
    Poor Daisy...such a cute little poser. Good thing YOU know when she needs to rest; cause she doesn't. :)
    Mother nature is confused with the calendar...you should not be THAT cold right now. Right?

  10. poor daisy--it is rough country and the wind has been cold.



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