April 9, 2011

From the Far Side

Since we could not complete our loop ride the previous day due to steep sandstone in our way, we rode to the place we had planned to come out (had we been able to continue) to see if we could find a route from that side.
Steve studied the map and the terrain we would have to cross to reach yesterday's turn-around point.
I studied the scenery.
We did see some not-too-smart burro trails, and eventually Steve began to recognized signs left by cowboys and/or outlaws pointing to a route.  They didn't use cairns; they used dead juniper trunks and branches that could easily be dragged into place and could be seen from a long distance.
Above, an axe-cut juniper trunk points out the direction of the trail.  Other times, limbs on either side mark the way.
The indicated path led to a steep sandstone path that burros had been using.  It probably was do-able on horseback, if one was willing to risk life and limb of horse and rider.
We weren't willing.  If our livelihood depended on it, or if the high sheriff was hot on our heels for our latest train robbery (as might have happened to the early residents of Robber's Roost), maybe we would have taken the leap, so to speak.
We may be a little crazy, but this is just recreation for us, after all!

Note to PAULA, who asked about rides in the San Rafael Swell:  I answered you via the comment section on the posts you addressed.  I don't have your email address to reply directly.


  1. Important to enjoy a safe adventure so we can all ride again. Interesting way to mark the trail.

  2. I'm glad for these wonderful pictures, but please do remember that your riding is recreational. We don't want to read about any heroics.

  3. Are these day trips, or do you sleep out there like a real cowgirl and cowboy husband? Very cool, love the idea of your adventure.

  4. I fully understand your decision! Very few things are worth that kind of a risk!

  5. Better to be safe than sorry. I've read all sorts of accident reports and almost all of them start out,"We were in a hurry and..."

  6. Sounds like you all are traveling where no man has been in a long time ---at least since they crossed over on burros. ha ha

    Glad Steve can figure out which way to go... I'd be totally lost out there... Thank Goodness for compasses and tracking devices.... Wonder how they made it through those areas years ago?????

    Great pictures--and it is interesting how they used the limbs to show where the trail goes...

  7. I love that top picture. What an amazing view!

  8. The wild nature looks so charming in your pictures!

  9. wow that is beautiful country. thanks for another ride!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  10. Love that gorgeous blue sky! I've recovered from my first trail ride of the season and am anxiously waiting for the snow to melt. Your blog always gets me in the mood to saddle up. :)

  11. love the photo of Steve...love your photos of the nature also...

  12. I like your sense of adventure but I'm glad you're are sensible and not fearless.

    The countryside is quite barren here and I don't see a lot of places where an outlaw cold hide it he were trying to get away. Although I guess there must be many cave.

  13. I think you are crazy smart/persistent!! I love living your adventures via the comfort of my house. :)
    Great photos Janie!



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