April 7, 2011

Path Finder

In slickrock country, you have to take advantage of breaks in the sandstone wherever you find them. 
I'm eyeing the path Steve has chosen, getting ready to lead Boss down.
He's impatient and climbs out on the ledge.  "No, Boss."
"Go this way."  I toss the lead rope over his back and let him proceed, since I don't want to get run over as he eagerly heads for his companion. 
No problem for him.
Now, if I can just get down without breaking something vital, we'll be on our way!


  1. Breathtakingly beautiful pictures, Janie ... so love that gorgeous horse.

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~

    FUN NEW GIVEAWAY ends 4/10

  2. I'd let Boss lead too. Good grief.

  3. Whenever in doubt I just check your blog and get confirmation that I am just a wimp.

  4. Haha,,,I had to laugh and agree with what YOGI said!
    That is a beautiful "rock wall" regardless:)

  5. I'm with Yogi too! I STILL don't see a 'path'!

  6. great post...follow the horse I say :)

  7. Hi Janie, Glad you all made it down ... Did you have to go back the same way?????

    Most of the waterfalls we visit are DOWN (over the edge).... SO--we have climbed up and down many places similar to yours....

    Looks gorgeous there though... Love that dark blue sky....


  8. That is a great set of photos. In fact this whole series of posts are for I am learning a lot about horses. Not being a horse person, my admiration and respect for them is growing from your postings. Thanks.

  9. Boss is a very cute horse... and he knows what he's doing!

  10. It looks as if the secret to getting Boss to go where you want him to is to send Daisy there first. I'm glad you didn't get run over and I hope you didn't break anything at all.

  11. I see Daisy is overseeing the path navigation. Hope her feet recovered from your canyon adventure!

  12. Hmmm. I guess Boss wanted to be the boss! It looks quite steep so I;m glad the sandstone wasn't super slippery.

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos! A woman and her horse. You in fact. This looks like such a great adventure, and wish I were there. I don't blame you for taking your feet to the ground, and making it down in one piece. I know that photos with hills can be deceiving to the viewer. I BET it is one heck of a hill down. Thanks for posting this today.

  14. Boss is THE Boss.
    I hope you made it safely as well!!

  15. that's a smart place to be--uphill of the 1500 pound horse. I'm glad there was no mishap.



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