October 16, 2010

Try, Try Again

We spent the night just outside Dinosaur National Monument, and mounted up early the next day. 
Island Park and Split Mountain Canyon provided our view to the south as we started out.
Our route involved descending into Garden Creek Valley.  We had a little problem, though, because our map had 40 foot contour intervals, which could involve a gentle slope of 40 feet, or a cliff.  In this case, there was a 40 foot cliff band we hadn't expected. 
You can't really see the cliff band in this photo, but we couldn't safely go that way.
Oh, well.  If at first you get cliffed out, go to Plan B.
We returned to the two track we'd started on, and found another route. 
We saw hoodoos:
And more hoodoos:
Interesting sandstone formations:
Some crazy crossbedding:
Pretty red hills and native bunch grass meadows:
At the end of the day, Mr. Crow gave his caw of approval:


  1. The sandstone formations look fascinating, as though some giant hand has been making sand sculptures.

  2. Glad you all had a plan B... What a gorgeous trail you took... Love seeing all of the rock formations... Amazing... And that view in the first couple of pictures is fabulous.. What was the temp where you were? You look all bundled up.

    Have a great day.

  3. I'm cawing my approval, too. Love that second distance photo!

  4. That looks like such great fun! Very good pics to show us, thanks!

  5. That's some cool country, judging from your scenery (cool as in awesome) and judging from your garments (cool as in chilly!) But watch out for the dinosaurs, especially "off trail." (How do they keep them in the park?) :^)

  6. Those cliff faces can stop just about anyone/thing. Love all that red rock and sandstone. Yet another wonderful ride.

  7. The hoodoo's are amazing...and not because it is just a fun word to say!
    Great photos Janie.

  8. Plan B certainly gave you some beautiful scenery. The hoodoos and rock formations are fantastic. But then, the whole area is absolutely gorgeous.

  9. What a beautiful place to go horeseback riding! Those rock formations are really interesting.

  10. Amazing rock formations, quite unlike anything we have here. And all under that stunning blue sky.

  11. So lovely!

    I 'channeled' my inner Janie this past weekend. I took the kids rockhounding at Topaz Mountain. The only sparkly stuff we found was broken beer bottles but it was MOSTLY fun. As I looked around at all the beautiful, open nothingness, I thought about you!

  12. It is certainly beautifu. I can't help as I follow along on your rides of Clint Eastwoods long ago movie... High Plains Drifter. Or in your case "drifters." :)

  13. Spectacular photos again! I really must get to Utah. I've been to many of your surrounding states (Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada), but when I look at your blog I sense that I will be missing something special if I fail to experience what Utah has to offer.

  14. love the "hoodoo's" we see a lot of those in our part of the state. My dad took us rafting down the green in 1977. We started at the gates of Ladore and got out at a campground somewhere close to Dinosaur. We floated right past split mountain. I've got some pretty good pictures.

  15. Beautiful country, with those vivid gold trees and incredible sandstone formations.

  16. I can't imagine how thrilling it must be to ride through these magnificent wide open spaces.
    The views are incredible, Janie.
    Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful journeys.
    Happy Trails ;)

  17. Looks like there was much to see on this ride. Gorgeous view in the first two shots, and I love those aspens. The hoodoos and the sand formations are interesting as I've not seen either sight, and I love the red hills. So beautiful...



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