October 31, 2010

Boone Spring

Sometimes more than one ride is required to find the perfect route, and such was the case with our transit to the top of Boone Ridge and on to Boone Spring. 
As you can see, our "trail" went around and through some rugged country:
Last trip, we never made it to the spring because we ran into a cliff band, had to resort to Plan B, then ran out of time.  
This time, we tried a different route and also ran into a cliff band.  We found a way around it, but while we were leading Boss and Coco over hill and dale, Coco escaped and ran off for a couple of hundred yards. That provided some excitement. 
He was easily recaptured, and the rest of our journey went more or less according to plan. (I won't say which plan.  Not A or B.) 
The area is remote and a bit desolate, so we were surprised to find that hunters had been there at some time in the past, leaving behind what looked like 2 deer skulls with the horns sawed off:
We even saw a small herd of elk along the way. If you enlarge the photo, maybe you can see them, too:
Yes, we made it to the spring:
This fenced off area is probably where Boone Spring originates, although no water comes to the surface there:
Springs are often enclosed, I assume to prevent cows from trampling the water source.  In this case, someone must have tapped into the water flow below ground and directed it into this tank: 
Boone Springs is at just under 7000 feet, a little low for much snow accumulation at this time of year. The day was cool, but that didn't stop Daisy from taking a dip in the tank, which also provided the horses with a drink.
All the animals were refreshed for the ride back:
Upon our return, the sun shone on the limestone cliffs on the south side of the Green River: 
I doubt we'll be exploring that side unless we can teach the horses to use technical climbing gear!


  1. I KNEW it - Daisy used plan C because she smelled the water... What a fabulous landscape to ride through. I love it that you went back to try to find a route to the spring. I plan on doing that next summer on my hike to the 2nd Crystal Lake!

  2. Those elk skulls say it all. The perfect image of a traditional desert in the Old West. Best part of this blog entry, IMHO. Happy Halloween!

  3. The photos are wonderful! What is a cliff bank? Is it just that you came upon a cliff and needed to find a way around it? I love the picture of Daisy in the water tank!

  4. I forgot to tell you that I counted five elk in the photo!! I love how they're so camouflaged unless you look closely.

  5. HaHa. Plans were made to be changed....glad it all worked out for you.
    Love that you found the fabulous water source!!!

  6. You guys are hard core. What an adventure and such persistence.

  7. Hi Janie, No matter if you are on Plan A or B or whatever----you had a fabulous ride.... Wow--what beauty... Don't think I'd enjoy that water though at that temperature.... ha

    Thanks for taking us with you!!!

  8. You two are very persistent in finding your way around an obstacle. More gorgeous country for sure. Daisy always finds a place to cool off. ;)

  9. Thanks for taking us along on your ride. I'm glad you made it to the spring in spite of the excitement and change in plans. The scenery is certainly beautiful.

  10. What lovely clarity of blue sky. Looks like a fun trail to ride!

  11. It always cracks me up how much Daisy loves water!

  12. Fun fun fun! I really love that last photo...that looks like my heaven. So pretty and open, and no people! Man i miss living west of the mississippi..sigh! The Green river however (the one in NC and UT) does not like me..quicksand in UT and crazy rapids in NC!

  13. that ride required some persistence on your part--and I agree with you on the other side of the river. That is some very rough country.

  14. Naughty Coco - that must have been a worrying spell for you! Wondrous scenery but I see what you mean about climbing gear for the horses.

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  16. Daisy is a real star of your journeys!

  17. The best laid plans must be open to change. You and Steve are great at planning your beautiful rides, Janie. Thanks for the journey.



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