October 1, 2010

Buck Basin's Rewards

To complete our 2 days of riding, we spent an afternoon ambling through Buck Basin (shown above). Actually, the photo shows all of Currant Creek Basin, which encompasses about 35 square miles.  This is big country.
The sky was an amazing blue above the yellow leaves: 
The mountains wore a patchwork cloak of aspen gold and spruce green:
The streams were clear and cold.  Mischief and Coco did some streamside bonding:
We tried hard to capture the aspen leaves falling like gold medallions as a gentle wind blew:
They were much easier to photograph on the ground:
Our trail was once an old 2 track, long since abandoned, now no more than a cow/game trail:
We found yet another quality fence gap, but since it was in the middle of nowhere, I'll grant a pardon on this one: 
When we returned to the trailer, we found that hunters were moving in fast with their campers, motor homes, and 4 wheelers.  A huge motor home was waiting at the drive to our campsite, guessing that we might be leaving soon, and a truck and camper waited on the other side of the road.  Major traffic jam!  We usually see few vehicles on forest service roads, but big holiday weekends and/or hunting season are another story.  (We didn't see a soul out on the trails.  Most of these guys must be hunting from the road.)
It's muzzleloader deer hunting season for the next week, and elk season after that.  We'll still ride, but we'll stay in more open areas and be sure to wear lots of orange!


  1. Beautiful but be careful.

    Where my wife is from in southeast Oklahoma a not infrequent conversation goes: "Did you get a deer?", "No, didn't really see any but I got off a couple of sound shots."

  2. Always so beautiful and amazing! Have a great weekend Janie :-)

  3. Love those patchwork cloaks of gold. Such a different view from above.

  4. Those two tracks always have my mind swirling about who used them and what it was like back then when they did. Holiday? Is it Columbus Day?

  5. so pretty, I can hear the clop of your hooves, the crackle of the leaves and the sighing of the wind in the aspens. I also love the moldy smell of fall when riding through an aspen grove.

  6. You've some beautiful fall color here. It has started in the upper elevations of the Sierra but I fear my timing is off. Here I am in the Sacramento Valley and a storm is moving into the Sierra. Maybe the leaves will still be on the trees next week.
    I see your mounts are wearing their fall colors as well.

  7. This is a beautiful area Janie...so much color, so much beauty.
    I love that Coco is so at home with your family. :)

  8. I am a happy camper as I view all the beautiful fall color on your wonderful trail rides, Janie. Thanks a heap!

  9. Yes, Janie, wear that TENNESSEE ORANGE... I'm sure you will--and that color will keep you safe on the trails. BUT--be aware of hunters... Some of them can be a little nutty sometimes... But--I'm sure you know that!!!!! Have a great weekend.

    Love the Aspens --and love seeing them 'fall'.... It's raining GOLD.... Love it.

  10. That blue sky above the gold aspen trees is absolutely glorious. Be sure to wear plenty of orange over the next few weeks and stay safe!

  11. Yet more glorious photos from your rides. The air must be so clean and sweet. Shame about the hunters disturbing the peace - stay safe!

  12. I am definitely pro-hunting, but not so sure I would be out riding with hunters. My luck I'd get shot by the one that was color blind!

    Such beautiful scenery in the fall.

  13. Your autumn tress and leaves are amazing in that breathtaking landscape of yours.

    I find hunting disgusting an primitive, I'll never understand the pleasure of killing a deer.
    Take care, you can never know what these hunters are capable of.

  14. Autumn where you are is so gorgeous! A time of blue skies and golden light. Gorgeous!

  15. Those gold aspen leaves are amazing! They really glow, and contrast so beautifully with the deep blue sky.

    I see you got a new horse. He's a beauty!

  16. Fabulous photos again, I continue to love your blog. Thank you for visiting mine.

  17. The scenery lets me feel the autumn sign.

    Thank you.

  18. Wonderful aspen shots--looks like you were there on THE day.

    Hunters. What can I say (as one of the tribe)? I mostly think it's a good thing that few of them get more than a quarter-mile off the road--they'd be dangerous otherwise.



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