October 4, 2010

A Hold Onto Your Hat Day

On a windy afternoon in the mountains, it's a good idea to keep your hat nailed down, or it just might get away.
If you're lucky, you may be able to catch it before it flies over the ridge.
And if you're really lucky, your horse will stay put while you're retrieving the hat!


  1. Thank you for showing the space of the eternity.

    The view makes the heart bright.
    It may be true happiness.


  2. I can almost feel the wind in these pictures. I'm glad Steve was able to get his hat and not have to chase his horse!

  3. Oh Janie, Poor Steve... Glad he retrieved his hat --and glad his horse didn't take off the other direction..... Yipes!!!!

    Be careful out there riding when it's that windy!!!!! I can't wear a hat at the beach --unless it has a chin strap... The winds can be fierce there also.


  4. Steve is a mighty lucky man.

  5. Hey Janie, cinch that stampede strap up! When I first moved West the wind'd like drive me crazy. Now I like to stand on a ridge top or out on the prairie and feel it blow.

  6. Too funny...living in a hilly community and while shopping a cantaloupe rolled out of my hands down the parking lot and well I was not fast enough and it just rolled away.

  7. If your hat got away before you could capture it there'd be no retrieving it in those vast spaces.

  8. Oh that's too funny! NOW I know why my little cowboy hats had a string to go under my chin.

  9. I love how you captured this. I'll bet Steve laughed when he saw the photos. Or maybe not?



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