October 5, 2010

Bringing In the Cows

Last Thursday, we enjoyed one more day on the slopes of Currant Creek Peak. 
I rode Boss, and Steve rode Coco.  Boss's ears pricked when he saw cows, especially distant cows on the hillside that he thought might be ... (oh, no!)  ... sheep: 
Coco didn't mind the cows at all, and Boss was fine with them once he was sure they were, indeed, cows. 
This cow and calf were giving us the once-over: 
Maybe they were worried that we were Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, or their human-like monster of choice.
We rode down into Willow Creek Canyon and noted that there aren't many willows growing along the creek any more:
The area has been/is overgrazed.  An exclosure, placed by the forest service, shows that an area without grazing grows willows just fine:
The aspens were still lovely:
Back at the trailhead, we saw an abundance of campers moving in for hunting:
The ranchers had been hard at work bringing the cows in off the range, putting them in corrals until they were all gathered and could be transported to lower altitude grazing: 
Good idea.  Otherwise, with so many hunters roaming the hills, those cows might be mistaken for deer or elk!


  1. It's enough to make me become a vegetarian. That camp area is crazy. But the aspen are beautiful.

  2. A super group of photos again Janie. I loved the one taken over Boss' ears especially but those aspens are gorgeous and the cows are cute.

  3. If my Hubs ever went hunting, I'd rather he brought home a cow than a deer or elk! LOL!

    Sidenote: My Aunt had a dog that brought the cows in for milking- not that it was that hard. Being a City kid, I always wondered why the cows lined up so good for milking? They, in fact, seemed rather eager. Then I nursed twins. And understood. Moo!

  4. It's so funny that Boss is scared of sheep and not cows. What a silly horse. Gorgeous aspens. I went up Millcreek today and saw quite a few fall colors too. Such a pretty time of year.

  5. What a gorgeous place to ride and view the magnificent mountains and valleys all painted with beautiful fall colors.
    I never thought how dangerous it is for other animals during hunting season.
    Another wonderful journey, Janie.. thanks!

  6. HI Janie, Great pictures from your ride... Can't get over how beautiful the aspens are.... Wow!!!!

    Funny how Boss has a 'thing' against sheep...Cows are okay--but not sheep... Funny!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  7. Since you live out there in the 'Wild West', it's a good thing Boss isn't afraid of cows. Thanks for taking us along on this ride. It's too bad that the willows couldn't compete with the cattle, but I hope they will come back. The aspen are gorgeous.

  8. I always found it to be a bit of a bummer to run into cattle, or signs of them, on a hike out west, or anywhere for that matter. They must be profitable though, either that or a great tax break? Good point about the beavers -- better to see them reclaim the rivers than have cattle stomping around in them! :^)

  9. Moose do the same thing to willows. It's seems as though there is plenty of country in the area so letting the cattle graze some of it isn't the end of the world. I do like a good steak. :)

    Such beautiful colors. I bet you are loving the rides.

    Look at all those campers. Ummm...is that really hunting? Hunting here is in a tent on the side of a mountain in not always good weather. That looks more like fancy camping. :) Just teasing.

  10. A little city up in the mountains. The four wheelers drive me bonkers, but that's life in the hills now.

  11. I would recommend to write a book and include all these gorgeous pictures you have! Hugs

  12. I wish cows could talk. :)
    Beautiful views as always Janie!

  13. G'eve Janie ~ It is so awesome out there, I love travelling the trails with you all.

    I'd want my cows in a corral, too! All those hunters looking for my Bambi, oy!

    Have a great day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  14. Imagine the disappointed hunter that accidentally shoots a cow! I like how you caught the moon above the aspens.

  15. I love willows along creek bed. I didn't know cows would eat them.

  16. I can certainly see why the ranchers hurried their cattle to safety!! Great shots, Janie. Love the cow and calf picture and the aspens are just so pretty.



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