August 31, 2010

Into the Wild

Last week, we took our son Eric on his first horse pack trip.  He's done plenty of hiking, both in Utah and in the Seattle area where he lives, but 3 days on horseback was a new element. 
Steve rode Coco, and Eric rode Boss, our calmest mount.  (The orange wear is because it's bow hunting season.) All of the horses were loaded with overnight packs, which included light backpacking-type overnight gear and food for the humans, plus hobbles and highlines for the horses.
Mischief and I were ready to go, too.
Signs were a bit confusing in places (note the crossed-out direction).
The trail wound through a spruce forest:
and past serene lakes.
The meadows and even the steep, rocky slopes delighted us with end of summer wildflowers:
(bog gentian),
We ascended from the 10,200 ft trailhead to the rocky Fox Queant Pass (11,400 ft/ about 3400 m):
where we entered the Uinta Wilderness Area. 
Don't worry, the horses had boots on, and the humans got off and walked wherever the going was especially tough.
Join us in tomorrow's post, as we continue our "survival" adventure!


  1. Looks like a wonderful place to spend 3 days. Will and Jon left to do 8 days in the High Uintas on Monday. Hope they don't get snowed on!

  2. looks like a tough climb :/

  3. Love the beautiful pictures though my feet hurt just looking at all those rocks on the ground.

  4. I would say this is camping at its finest.

  5. Great last shot and cool lake view. How high and how deep is it?

  6. You are so adventurous. I bow down to you...I don't like camping without a cabin around me!

  7. That trip made some great memories, I'm sure! Looks like some great end of summer weather, too.

  8. This looks like a wonderful trip. At least it looks as if it got off to a great start. I look forward to seeing more of the trip.

  9. Such gorgeous country for Eric to take his first overnight horse pack trip. Plus all 3 horses got out together, and I'm sure Daisy.

  10. Oh Janie, this is marvelous.... Hope Eric enjoyed himself... Bet he was sore --since he is not used to riding a horse!!!! ha

    Can't wait to hear and see more. What gorgeous country... WOW--you all are so lucky!!


  11. What a great trip. Was Eric able to walk after a day's riding?

  12. Hi Janie, Looks like you had a grand adventure! Hope Eric enjoyed himself. My son is in UT this week taking an outdoor survival course.



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