September 1, 2010

Roughing It

After we went over Fox Queant Pass, (or "passed out" as Steve likes to say - and at this altitude [11,400 ft], Steve's term seems almost literally apropos)  we came to Fox Lake.  As we rode by, we were treated to reflections in the still water: 
Near the lake, we saw the remains of an old cabin, origin unknown,
and continued through a series of open meadows to our camping spot: 
We had a nice view of Gunsight Pass, which leads into the Henry's Fork drainage on the north slope of the Uintas:
The sun set soon after we were settled for the night, leaving a glow over the mountains: 
The full moon rising was a beautiful sight: 
Eric chose to sleep outside in a sleeping bag:
After we had our freeze dried fare and the horses had grazed for their supper, the equines spent the night on a highline:
  We put cow bells around their necks so we could hear if something made them restless.  Unfortunately, Coco is not accustomed to a highline and was restless most of the night, which we could hear clearly from inside our tent! 
Oh well, I guess we just had to consider it our own musical concert. 
As we rested out tired bones (and backsides), we anticipated riding even further into the backcountry the next day.


  1. What great scenery. What a lot of work for the horses.

  2. what a lovely place--I've never seen the cowbell trick before.

  3. Stunning scenery. Poor Coco - I expect the novelty/apprehension will wear off soon and you'll get some decent sleep!

  4. What stunning reflections and scenery, Janie. Thanks for the ride! I've never heard of horses on a highline with bells to alert you. I'm sure Coco will get used to is soon. Have a wonderful day. Jo

  5. Fascinating...oh for some cool temps now. We are hunkering down for Hurricane Earl. Such is Mother Nature assaulting us 'humans' again!

  6. You really showed Eric a fantastic adventure. Love the high mt lakes and reflections. Interesting music to sleep by.

  7. Absolutely beautiful, as usual.What a great trip. You make me so envious.

  8. Now that's an adventure ... and multi day. I admire how you go deep into nature on your excursions. Of course plenty of credit go to the horses. Do you have to make an special accommodations for them or do they just eat and drink wherever? But surely you have to tend to them to some degree? Final question: How many miles to the gallon do they get?

  9. Thank you for making it possible to enjoy the fabulous beauty you encountered without having to endure freeze-dried fare or cowbell serenades. Your pictures are magnificent.

  10. Your photographs are wonderful, Janie - I feel as though I was there, too. What glorious shots of the rising moon!



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