June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday!

From an early age, our son Seth was a deep thinker.
His thought processes didn't always follow the expected course, however.
For instance, at age 4 when attending a preschool graduation in a church, he wasn't looking at the cute kids getting awards and diplomas. He was too busy studying the vaulted ceiling and asking, "How does somebody get way up there to change those light bulbs?"
He would invariably demand an answer to profound questions while I was hurriedly weaving through traffic on the way to soccer practice or other activities. One question I recall was, "If an elephant fell out of an airplane and landed on the pavement, how big of a splat would he make?"
As I said, not run of the mill thinking. Nowadays, we'd call it "outside the box."
From in his toddler years, he was a hard worker.
Ever the jokester, he was the kid making faces in most of our family photos.
Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I cannot locate his kindergarten class's group shot, where all the kids look sweet and innocent, smiling politely -- except little Seth, who was stretching his lips sideways and making a horrid face!
The other parents noticed, of course, and tried to sympathize...
even while chuckling and shaking their heads. He loved the outdoors. One of his first words was "side", meaning "I wanna go outside!"
He was quick to learn,
a helpful brother and son,
a fine runner and soccer player, a hiker, skier and climber.
(Seth in middle, all 3 practicing Zoolander "look".) He's all grown up into a handsome, confident man, but he hasn't changed so much.
He still loves the outdoors,
He's still fun and funny.
He's an integral part of our expanding family.
And now he has a lovely family of his own,
including a son who shares his date of birth and his love of a mountain sunset.
We're proud of both of our birthday boys!Boy 1
Boy 2
Best wishes for a happy day and an outstanding year.


  1. Awww... what an adorable collection of pictures. Some of those with him and Eric are sooo cute. He and Luke really look so much alike.

  2. Happy Birthday to both of them. You must be proud Grandparents.

  3. How fun, happy birthday to your boys. It's my daughters birthday today too :)

  4. A big Happy Birthday to your boys, Janie, and many more! I especially like your photo of them on the back of the truck...beautiful!

  5. What a wonderful collection of memories - happy birthday to the boys, handsome lads both!

  6. What a lovely post Janie.

  7. This is all sweetness... in a good way (I don't like it when people say I'm 'sweet.') I love how you connected his own young year's to his son's. Just beautiful. Happy Birthday to both.

  8. Aw, there is some kind of family resemblances going on there.

  9. What a great post to share. Sending Birthday Wishes.

  10. Sending over Happy Birthday wishes! How neat that his son shares his birthday!

  11. Great pictures! :) My son always did the same thing -- if a camera was pointed in his direction, he just couldn't help but make a goofy face. And Zoolander -- one of his fav movies of course.

    What a wonderful family you have, and Seth turned out so handsome, along with his wife and lil boy!

    Happy Birthday to them both!! :)

  12. Many happy returns of the day for the boys! Delightful looking at the pix and reading the narration. There's something pretty darn magical about 4 year-olds. I remember when my youngest at 4 would wedge himself into my lap between his brother and sister as I was reading a chapter book. He's interrupt me about every 3 minutes and ask where the word I'd just read was. It about drove me bonkers. Turns out he was teaching himself to read!

  13. a beautiful tribute to your son. happy birthday to both of your boys!
    I love the photo of him carrying the giant leaf!

  14. What a wonderful post. Birthday wishes from me too!!!

    I have tagged you! Click here to know more and enjoy the game!!

  15. Oh my babies! I love the pictures of the boys with the truck. Too cute. I want a copy of Seth's truck picture. too cute.

  16. Happy (Belated) Birthday to both of your boys! The pictures of Seth are absolutely wonderful.

  17. Hi Janie, I think I've asked you this before.. What is the age difference in your two sons??? My two youngest are 16 months apart---and I have pictures of the two of them that are VERY similar to your pictures...

    Happy Birthday to Seth.

  18. You should be a proud parents and grandparents. This was a wonderful birthday story of a brilliant boy turned man. A wonderful post Janie.

    He shares my father's birthday also.



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