June 20, 2009

Always a Treat

A walk down Jones Hole Creek from the fish hatchery to the Green River is beautiful any time of year.
Sandstone majesty rises all around us.
In June, the creek is surrounded by emerald green.
A common merganser herds her ducklings across the stream. The water is so clear you can see each duck's shadow on the sandy bottom. Mama looks like she's having a bad hair day.
Butterflies flit everywhere and seem especially attracted to thistle flowers. The nectar must be sweet.
Yellow salsify
and wild rose are blooming.

Steve "hunts" trout while I examine flora and fauna.
The 8 mile round trip hike is good for body and soul.


  1. Nice long hike, Janie... But--I'm so impressed at all of the GREEN in your pictures. Following that creek must be a wonderful walk---seeing so many things along your way. It's quite different from the desert areas, isn't it????


  2. Another wonderful adventure. What a beautiful place to hike. Love the merganzer babies, and butterlies and flowers. All great captures Janie.

  3. It looks like you managed to hike in between rainstorms. Good luck getting that hay cut. I don't think it's ever going to stop raining! Great pictures. Loved the butterflies too.

  4. What a beautiful hike Janie. Thanks for taking us along. Your photographs are wonderful as always but I especially love the one of mother merganser and her brood and the cut sandstone.
    Blessings and smiles

  5. that's one place we always liked visiting.

  6. This is what my family love to do, hiking and enjoying sceneries like these. Janie, I would say that you have a beautiful life and you are enjoying it.

  7. I'm glad I can finally enlarge photos again so I can really appreciate the beautiful scenery that you travel through. :)
    Thanks for your well wishes for my journey home too!

  8. And, ps, I'm honoured that you mentioned my blog on your sunday roast interview, I'm glad you've been enjoying it.

  9. Outstanding butterfly pics. Hope the fishing was good, too. Longterm data (well, given that we European transplants have only been here 100 years or so) says this is an "average" June--we sure got spoiled by the drought that began in '88.

  10. I love your butterfly pictures and female Mergansers are my favourite duck with their wild red hairdos. What a beautiful spot.



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