December 5, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I was a fan of previous Indiana Jones flicks, but this new one, although chock full of action and special effects, had very little plot. The story seemed disjointed, and the Indy sense of humor was lacking for the most part. The movie came across as a dragged out Roadrunner cartoon, but without the laughs.
The reunion of Indy with his old flame, Marion, might have been fun if they’d had more than a few moments to get to know each other again. Indy could still handle himself in a fist fight, but his personality didn’t have much spark, and neither did his young sidekick's. The riddles for finding the skull were given and solved too quickly to involve the audience. The"secret" of what the skull represented was easy to guess, given the purported connection to an artifact found in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.
Overall, this sequel was a big disappointment. In other words, if you want more than non-stop, pointless action, don’t waste your time.


  1. Love your line about the dragged out roadrunner cartoon. You should go into professional movie reviewing. :) I agree, it was just ok.

  2. I totally agree as well. It was very disappointing. For all the money they spent making the movie, it didn't have to be.

    I was actually wondering when I saw the link to the title if this didn't relate to a ride you and Steve took on the horses!



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