December 3, 2008

Babes in Connecticut

Here’s Jackson, our adorable new grandson. When he’s awake, he’s interested in everything around him. Note his cute elf ears in the photo with brother Lucas.

(We discovered, to our surprise, that Steve also has elfish ears.)
While Darleen and the baby were recuperating, and probably enjoying a little peace and quiet, the rest of us visited Connecticut beaches,

Yale’s Peabody Museum, the Bronx zoo, and Norwalk’s Maritime Aquarium.
Our son Eric (from Seattle) joined us part of the time. One day we drove into NYC to see the American Museum on Natural History.
Steve took a lot of photos of signs in the city.
Why no standing? Is sitting acceptable? What about lying down or kneeling?
And why no littering on Monday and Thursday? Does that mean littering is okay 5 days a week?
And what's with the dog nappers?

This sign seems particularly ludicrous, since absolutely no one obeys it:
Maybe we don’t understand because we don't get out of rural Utah often enough. Or maybe NYC is just weird.
Here’s Eric the rocket dude showing Stella a meteorite:
Stella was growing weary after a few hours of museum going:

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting with the children, with Seth and Darleen, and with Eric. We even learned a little about how big city driving is done. Steve likens travel on the roads there to following rabbit trails with changing names, populated by Indian and Jamaican cab drivers leaning on their horns… It’s true, Connecticut and NYC drivers do love their horns.
We had an Indian driver for Connecticut Limo from JFK to Stamford, and a Jamaican cab driver on our way back to JFK. Both were speedy. When Steve brought up Bob Marley with the Jamaican, the guy claimed a good friend of his on the island sold Bob Marley his weed. True or not, it makes for a good cab clientele tale.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, but we didn’t need a holiday to remind us that family is a precious gift. We missed you, Tess and Tim! Wish you could have been with us, too.


  1. Jackson is a very handsome addition to the family!

    Looks like a great visit. And isn't NYC just another world?

  2. That no littering sign cracks me up. I love how they tried to hit two birds with one stone with the no parking sign having a broom through the P instead of just a red slash..



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