December 22, 2008

Christmas Memories

Our first Christmas together was simple and quiet, with homemade ornaments and popcorn garlands.

Then Seth arrived to clutter the floor with his baby toys.  He made us laugh.

The grandparents were proud to take part.

Soon Eric joined the family. More clutter, more laughter, more toys and games and stories and songs.

Then Tess added her unique style and culture to the mix.

Every Christmas was chaotic good fun.
Every year the kids grew taller.
We acquired more ornaments, and the gift requests became more serious, or scientific, or complex.

Santa Claus was long passe, and fine camaraderie won the day.
Of course, we still had our silly times.

We expanded when Seth brought us Darleen, and Tess brought us Tim.
Still, we sang our Christmas carols and counted the years.

Now we're the grandparents.
And the circle begins again.

Hard to believe it was so long ago that Steve and I sat beneath our very first Christmas tree.


  1. Great picture collection! That one with Eric in the background sweeping his hair aside cracked me up big time. And what is Eric holding in the picture right before you put the pics with Tim and Darleen in? That one is hilarious too. Yup, we have some awesome Christmas memories.

  2. I don't know what Eric's holding. We'll have to ask him!

  3. Well, I showed Eric and he has no idea what he is holding either. But, he did get a good laugh out of those two pics of him.

  4. Janie,
    What a great post! I love all the pix, especially the one of Molly with a stocking on her head. How wonderful to see your family grow through the years. Amazing how fast it all goes by.

  5. Those are great pictures! The kids love checking it out as while as Seth...until we hit the teenager years. He wouldn't let me enlarge the pictures! Seth really enjoyed seeing old toys he use to play with.



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