December 21, 2008

Afternoon in PJ’s (Pinon-Junipers)

Today we took a stroll in The Cedars, an area just west of our house in Roosevelt. There’s about an inch of snow covering the ground, too little for cross country skiing, but fine for a walk. At 23 degrees, we didn’t think we’d enjoy a horseback ride.
Daisy sure had fun chasing rabbit scent. She didn’t get close to an actual bunny, though.
Although the sky was cloudy over us, the sun shone on Mt. Emmons and the Kings Peak complex. We could see a snow-covered Pole Mountain, Uinta Canyon, Whiterocks, Little Mountain, and Mosby Mountain. A layer of clouds in a valley gave the illusion of a lake.
We walked for about an hour, checking out the trail we used for skiing all last winter. A few more inches of snowfall, and we’ll be set.
(Note to self: Get brain in gear and bring camera next time!)


  1. Camera is a MUST for blogging fun!

  2. Yes, pictures do make blogs more exciting. I keep forgetting my camera too. Lets ask for brains for Christmas.

  3. I've already put in my request. I want a CAL Tech brain, please...

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.



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