December 13, 2008

Christmas Treat

Since Steve is opposed to buying a cut tree (would be way too easy, and thus not memorable), we trekked out to BLM land with a permit (Forest Service permits for Duchesne county were sold out) to find the perfect choice.
Snow was due to move in, so we went early. The drive along the Bad Land ridge was impressive, with views of the snow covered Book Cliffs in the background.
We found a pretty little pinon pine. Daisy helped.
Here’s our Christmas tree (or “Christmas treat” as Tess called it when she was about 3 – the name still seems appropriate), all decked out in full glory.


  1. We opted for fake a long time ago which doesn't smell nearly as good. The treat looks very festive.

  2. It looks very nice! It doesn't look like a Charley Brown tree though, it is all full looking, whats up with that? At least Tim and I have a Charley Brown at our house to keep up the time honored tradition. Ha, my letter thing I have to type in is tree! How appropriate. Well... treel. Close enough.

  3. Ooooohhh... I just noticed your new header picture. Beautiful!!



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