June 22, 2011

Trail Lunch

It's always good to stop for a meal on the trail.
On Pole Mountain, 4 years after the burn, the grass is good and a few alfalfa plants have moved in from nearby fields.  The horses love that.
Daisy  finds a deer spine to chew on.  Now that's delicious!


  1. and keeps her teeth clean to boot! what a lovely day on the trail. I think the trees look so funny without their needles. I wonder how long until you see new trees?

  2. Here after a burn, birch trees are often the first to appear. I wonder if that's what happens in Utah too.

    Horses and dogs are just like people when it comes to snacking!

  3. Daisy is forever entertained ... and entertaining.

  4. I'm not sure who is enjoying their snack the most!

    I am sure that Betsy and I are enjoying the beauties of your state. I think I have fallen in love with Utah -- Zion, Bryce Canyon, Cedar Breaks, Red Canyon, Capital Reef -- all gorgeous.

  5. Make mine PB&J.. please! I enjoy wandering with you and your sidekicks.. thanks Janie.

    Happy trails, be well and safe

  6. OH Daisy!!!!! :0
    The horses do look very happy chomping away!

  7. Daisy always finds such cool treasures. :)



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