June 26, 2011

Red Cloud Loop

The upper part of the Red Cloud Loop north of Vernal still has locked gates, preventing vehicular traffic.  It's open to hiking or horseback riding, though, so we went to check it out, starting at about 9200 feet.
We saw elk in nearly every meadow.  They were surprised to see us.  A moose appeared briefly but we didn't get a decent photo.
Daisy had plenty of wet meadows for cool frolicks.  The tiny white flowers that cover the meadows are marsh marigolds.
Above is a marsh marigold up close.
Steve hunted around and finally found a (boreal or western, not sure which) chorus frog, which is so well camouflaged and so wary, that it's hard to find the source of the loud croaks in the small ponds. 
They're tiny little guys.  No wonder they're hard to locate.  They don't have webs between their toes, which is unusual.  I guess they don't have to swim much in the shallow pools where they live and breed.
We rode toward Leidy Peak.
About 1.5 miles before we reached the end of the road at Leidy Peak trailhead, we came to deep snow and took that as a sign that we should turn around and head for the trailer.  The total ride was 25 miles of incredible high country scenery.


  1. The air must be like wine. How beautiful it all is.

  2. Oh, WOW! Snow, my favorite thing. But that deep in the summer? What a beautiful ride.

    Have a great week ~
    TTFN ~

  3. Incredible high country scenery is right! Amazing you were able to locate such a tiny little frog. I always fail in finding them. They sure do make a lot of noise for such a tiny creature.

  4. I would turn around at the snow, too. I don't want to see that for a long time!! Very cute little frog. My kids want to go frog hunting, but it's raining today.

  5. Hooray for locked gates! Outstanding place; after several days in D.C. I'm imagining the quietude.

  6. I am glad the gates are still locked. The photos are great, but probably not as enjoyable as seeing the beautiful animals as they work their way around you.

  7. Thanks for taking us on another great ride Janie. Your photos are the next best thing to being there.

  8. Tiny frog and deep snow seem like such a contradiction. Not quite summer in the high country, yet still gorgeous.

  9. What a cute little frog! We only have big toads over here and they're not as charming as your little one... And Sheba wants to add that the toads taste dreadfully! (never saw her spit so much as when she'd picked up a toad in her mouth - never happened again!!)

    Warm greetings from a thundering Niger (though no rain tonight, it seems!),
    Esther & Sheba

  10. What a beautiful area...so much good stuff to see. I love the lil' frog. I just noticed how nice and lean Daisy is...I need to follow you around on your trail rides for a few weeks!!!

  11. The frog is indeed tiny and well dressed in camouflage. Snow? Yes, I'm glad you turned around. :)

  12. The scenery on your trail rides is incredible.. long and high also.
    Thanks for sharing your amazing journeys, Janie.

    Happy trails,

  13. what a fun ride. my favorite shot in this post is that tiny little frog.



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