June 7, 2011

Double Barrels and Elk Antlers

On the Bad Land Cliffs, we always see something interesting.
A barrel cactus branches out from the solitary plant we usually see. 
This one's grown a twin. 
Milkvetch species
Double Bladderpod (Mustard family)
We saw plenty of wildflowers, and...
What's that growing on the skeleton juniper tree?  An elk head!?
The antlers are still partially encased in velvet.
No point in wasting the unusual photo frame.


  1. I love the flower shots--but wow! what an unusual find in a juniper tree! It did make a unique photo frame.

  2. Love the flower shots and 'wow' about the elk head find. So what did you do with it? Leave it as you found it or make it an addition to your home/yard decor? Most likely I would have left it for I would of been hiking and the thought of lugging it back down the trail would not be too appealing. But I have been known to do some crazy things in the past.

  3. I don't stop to think about the colorful flowers on the trails until you show beauties like these.
    A perfect frame for you and Steve.. did Daisey take that shot, Janie? (wink and a smile;)


  4. That's such a neat photo of you and Steve framed by the elk skeleton. :)

    I'm always amazed that cacti have such beautiful blossoms.

  5. That is cool. And great shot of the cactus. Better to look than touch in that case for sure.

  6. Love the elk skull frame. I too would have wanted to lug it home.

    The cactus flowers are beautiful. Going to go hiking Sat and hopefully see wildflowers on the plateau.

  7. I love the milkvetch. Both the color of the plant and the name of it.

    The elk antlers are very cool. So did Daisy take the shot with you guys and the antlers? She is very good.

  8. Fantastic! The elk skull is rather sad but it does make a most unusual and very attractive photo frame.

  9. That elk sure had a huge rack of antlers. Love the vivid colors of the wildflowers!

  10. Another great find! Your summer is off to a good start.

  11. I love all the flowers that you have found...so pretty.
    I assume Daisy took the photo of the two of you with the skull....give her a 'high five' from me. :)



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