June 8, 2011

Snow, Water, Grass

Where we were riding, the Bad Land Cliffs are about 8000 feet --  high enough to be cool, but low enough to be dry and mostly snow free.  We aimed for the distant patch of snow in the above photo (on the 9000 ft ridge to the right of center), but we didn't make it that far.  There were too many canyons and hills along the way and we didn't want to run out of daylight.
Since Daisy had no snow and we didn't come across any water, I laid my waterproof jacket in a depression and used it as a bowl to give her a drink.  Daisy said thank you as she lapped up most of a liter. 
The horses were satisfied with green grass for lunch, while we ate a snack and admired the wildflowers:
Indian Paintbrush
Double Bladderpod?
Milkvetch species?
On the way back, we saw an antelope.  Daisy gave short chase, but the antelope outdistanced her in no time. 
Coco was ready to go home.  "Hurry up!" he seemed to say when Daisy, Mischief and I dawdled.


  1. I'm sure you must all sleep very well at night after gallons of fresh air and much exercise. The Bad Land doesn't look so bad when seen through your eyes. The grass looks pretty sparse, though.

  2. Daisy looks like she could use another drink after the antelope chase. Get her one of those collapsable water dishes made out of a water proof material.

  3. Awsome pictures of landscape, animals, flowers!

  4. Another great post and using your jacket for Daisy, what a neat idea and another sign of much love for Daisy.

  5. the flowers are very pretty this time of year aren't they?

  6. How beautiful these wildflowers can be out there, under these harsh conditions.
    Daisy looks very tired after the chase, in the last photo.

  7. Beautiful! I'm not sure I've ever seen the flowers in those two shots.

  8. How clever of you to use the jacket as a bowl! The wildflowers are so lovely.



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