March 9, 2011

The Dark Tower

As we were driving west on the Hans Flat Road toward Hwy 24, headed for home, the play of silver clouds and hide-and-seek sun provided an unusual light.

I liked how the sun shone through silvery clouds and made the San Rafael Swell's light-colored rock gleam.
Later, as the sky darkened, this formation near Goblin Valley became an image of The Dark Tower. 


  1. some mornings when we drive along US six with the swell to our left it has that same gleam to it. I imagine it as the scaly back of some great monster erupting from the depths of the earth--

    very pretty picture.

  2. Goblin Valley - now there's an image to play with! The blue in your first photo looks like the sea.

  3. I love the layers in the top photo. San Rafael Swell is lovely. I'd like to see it close up and in person.

  4. I love the affect clouds have on the terrain. Every moment is different when there are clouds in the sky. Beautiful captures Janie.

  5. The Dark Tower could be mistaken for a castle tower off in the distance. It must be awesome to see it up close, Janie.


  6. It really does look like a fortress. Love the contrasting colors.

  7. Dontcha love those moments when the scene is so awesome you have to pull over? And then you sit there as it gets even better. Love the lighting on "The Dark Tower."

    PS: anytime in YNP watch for bighorns in the Mammoth to Lamar area. Here's some on the cliffs just below the Mammoth Campground (above the Boiling River swim place): .

  8. The clouds made some dramatic photos. So pretty and ominous!



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