March 8, 2011


On our last day in the Canyonlands Maze area, we rode to Bluejohn Spring.  The name "Bluejohn" is said to derive from a minor outlaw who hung out at Robber's Roost around 1900.  John Griffin had one blue and one brown eye, thus the nickname Blue John.  Blue John hid a herd of stolen horses in the area and may have watered them at Bluejohn Spring. 
The presence of cottonwoods, still leafless this time of year, is a good sign that water is present, or at least close to the surface. The approach to Bluejohn Spring winds through red hills and sandstone that is easily traversed. 
Apparently a rancher who holds the BLM grazing lease has brought in materials with the intention of "improving" the spring, probably tapping into it and filling a tank for the cows.  Perhaps the rancher was sidetracked, because it appears these logs and pipes have been there a long while.
Much of the outflow from the spring was frozen solid, but there was enough of a steady trickle to water the horses. 
Of course Steve had to climb around on the rocks looking for petroglyphs. 
He didn't find any, but he did find a few cowboy signatures, one dated 1917.


  1. I don't like it when I see new graffiti, but when you find cowboy signatures from 100 years ago it is interesting!

  2. This sure is gorgeous yet rugged country you folks ride through. Interesting to get some history behind the names of places and springs.

  3. That looks such wild country. They must have been hardy folk who lived there.

  4. cowboy signatures are fun to find too. sometimes they are right along side the petroglyphs (or on top if the cowboy was disrespectful)

  5. This looks lovely. Steve looks cold....and he is quite the monkey isn't he??? ;)

  6. Magnificent country that for sure. I do think maybe I've seen the Green River Gorge once taking a southern route from the Tetons up to Colorado to visit my son in Greeley. Now I have a clue what the high country above it looks like. :)

  7. Those huge red rocks are amazing. Some of them look like a giant was in the process of trying to make arrowheads.

    Interesting about the origin of the name. Although I know having 2 different colored eyes can't be that rare, the only person I'd heard of before was the actress Jane Seymour.

  8. AH! Still some ice! No wonder Steve is still bundled up.

  9. I love the light and all the colors of the rocks in your photos, Janie. You guys are dowsers!



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