January 28, 2011

March-April Rides

Since I'm reminiscing and dreaming of trails we have traveled in spring, I'll continue with the locations we can first visit in late March and April.  Here's the view from a ridge in Tabby Mountain Wildlife Management Area on March 21, 2009: 
We saw a herd of elk on this ridge, but they were gone by the time we took the photo.  The lower reaches of Tabby (6600 ft at the lowest trailhead) to this ridge at about 8000 ft were open, but Tabby's peak (10,000 ft) won't be accessible until late May, most years.
Big Pack Mountain (6600 ft) is in the desert south of Ouray and makes a nice training ride.  This photo was taken April 10, 2009:   
On a trip to the Book Cliffs, Jack Canyon Wilderness Area, we had this view on April 13, 2008:
Red Mountain, just a 20 minute drive north of Vernal, is low enough to be accessible early in the year.  Here I am at the top on April 15, 2005:
A spring favorite is Lake Mountain (10,000 ft).  We got high enough for a fine view on April 21, 2009:
Behind Steve, Marsh Peak (12,240 ft) is still covered with snow.
We like to ride Wild Mountain (8600 ft), located on the Colorado-Utah border, in late April before the catch ponds dry up, because water is scarce up there.  Here I am on top on April 28, 2007:
During the last week of April, 2006, we rode on the Colorado side of Dinosaur National Monument, north of the little town of Maybell.  Here's the view from Zenobia Peak (9000 ft), the lookout point for the region.  We had to leave the horses and climb through some snow to reach the top:


  1. I can tell your itching to get back on the trail...don't blame you...you have such beautiful scenery...

  2. Janie, the countryside is just breathtaking. You are so fortunate to be able to enjoy Gods wonderful beauties as you do. So enjoy 'riding along' with you.

    Have a lovely weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  3. I can't wait for you to get back on the trail again either.

  4. btw--if you come this way for a ride send me a message and I'll treat you to lunch if you'd like.

  5. Well Janie.... It won't be long 'til you two and Daisy are back on the trails again.... Winter seems so long --but if we are patient, spring WILL be here.....

    Great pictures.

  6. Janie, those views are just magnificent. Can't wait to see what you share with us this spring.
    Have a great weekend!

  7. I just saw a commercial for High Plains Drifter with Clint Eastwood riding horseback across a desert & it reminded me of you two & made me think, gee, I haven't stopped by here in awhile. Then, as I was checking my reading list, I saw you just put this up!
    You both look as cool as ever on your horses! & I bet you can't wait until the warmer weather.
    : )

  8. Daydreaming spring rides - it's a good way to build anticipation! Great photos to dream upon!

  9. I'm dreaming of summer hikes, my trails won't be open until June or July.

  10. The scenery on each of these was breath-taking. I really enjoyed seeing those snow-capped mountains.

  11. Your horses take you far beyond where I would be able to go on foot. I am jealous.

  12. I was thinking at the same thing as Deb, in the first comment.

    Your photos and narration make this wild landscape so beautiful.

  13. Lovin' your new layout! Fun to see the snow up on the mountains even though that spring was settling in the lower levels. Do any of the mountains hold snow (and at what height) all summer long?

  14. What a lovely place to visit.

  15. Janie, I enjoyed reminiscing with you. You and Steve have seen some fantastic sights on your trail rides.

    Thanks for taking me along,

  16. The landscape is gorgeous and your pictures are just great!

  17. I bet you have to keep your camera ever ready to capture some of the wildlife there. I would enjoy being there with few other humans in the immediate vicinity, at least for long enough to capture some great shots of the animals there.



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