November 18, 2010

How Thirsty Are You?

The snow level is at about 9000 feet now, but we can still ride in the lower elevations. 
These are the rolling hills of lower Pole Creek Mountain where the Neola Fire swept across the landscape in 2007:
You can see the burned pinyon and juniper, with the bare spots now filled in with grass.  The earth has healed.
We didn't ride long because the temperature up there was in the 30's, and the wind picked up to about 10 mph.  Chilly!
We passed a couple of springs:
The sign on this one says "Colt Spring Trough No.l.  Water not tested for Culinary Use.  (Duh. Believe me, I was not tempted, although Steve insists that water coming directly out of the pipe that taps into the spring is probably fine.) Colt Spring is in Wild Horse Draw, which seems appropriate.
Here's the other spring, which is piped into a giant tire trough:
Snake John Cabin Spring also has the disclaimer that it's not tested for culinary use.  Daisy tested it.  She seemed to do okay.  Think we should go back and fill up our water bottles? 
We didn't see any sign of a cabin.  Snake John?  The name has a sinister ring. I assume the cabin owner wasn't the friendliest guy around. 
 More snow is predicted for the weekend.  By next week, this area may be covered in a foot of snow.


  1. I remember that fire and how devestating it was for the area. It's good to see it's healing.

  2. Winter comes in fast in your world - brrr!
    Is that a contrail in your last photo? It's almost perpendicular.

  3. I think I would make sure I had enough water reserves ON me....snake john? Yep, not a friendly feller.

  4. Wonderful photos! I love 'traveling' with you in such beautiful scenery. Gregg's grandfather's nickname was 'Wolf', thinking of your 'Snake John'. When looking after the cattle out on the prairie (North Dakota), he used to occasionally howl like a wolf and the wolves would howl back. That's how he got his nickname. Makes me wonder if he ever had to round up any stampeded cattle ;)

  5. Glad the grass has filled in to hold down that dirt after the fire. It does look like a chilly ride. Such colorful names left on those places. And are you sure that isn't the trail of some secret military missile going across the sky in that last photo. ;o)

  6. Yep, it does look chilly! Great place to ride though! Hope you have a great weekend, Janie! Stay warm!


  7. Guess I'd probably drink the water if I really needed it.

    It's really pretty country despite the fire. Sadly the juniper and pinyons are so slow growing We may never see them there again.

    Our predicted rain must mean snow your way.

  8. The landscape is so beautiful, despite the absence of vegetation.
    It's been a while since you last posted, I hope you've found that Snake John's cabin.

  9. I don't think I'd be sampling that water, Janie. (I hope Daisy has a strong stomach!) I like that last photo of the hills backdropped with the jet trail in the blue sky.

  10. It's good to see the land recovering from the fire. The views are wonderful, and while I'm sure they would be just as impressive with snow on the ground, I'm not ready for that quite yet.
    I think I would have to be very thirsty to try the water from these two springs.

  11. Fun place - i'd be hesitant about the water too :) It does sound pretty chilly, but looks like a pretty great place to play for a little while!

  12. Beautiful rolling hills, glad the area is healing from the fire. The water doesn't look too good, but if I was really thirsty...maybe. :)

  13. I wouldn't try the water either! I would be afraid to drink it even if I boiled it, HA!

  14. I'd have to be mighty thirsty, I think, before I'd drink that water. Snake John is a cool name but he was probably not a cool dude!

  15. Amazing that someone takes the trouble to label the water as untested. Usually, you just look for bones (like that antelope skull in your other post) and, if there aren't any, you figure the water is OK!



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