November 5, 2010

Seeing the Light

Two days after spotting the maybe-its-a-natural-bridge, we were on the trail again.  Just feeling a little like a modern day Lewis and Clark, rediscovering the west.
After about 6 miles of riding, we approached a deep wash and rode along side it, seeing the unusual rock formation looming above, still maybe 800 yards away:
Even when we were only a hundred yards away, we still couldn't tell what we were looking at for sure. Maybe it was eroded underneath, maybe not:
 On the final approach, the going became a little too rough for safe riding. We tied up the horses and proceeded on foot:
The woods were thick, the terrain was rocky, and there had been no trace of roads or trails for miles.  Steve led us over a hill.  We came out of the pinyon juniper forest adjacent to the structure: 
Still, we couldn't see underneath it.  We scrambled down:
Until finally, we could see daylight coming through:
And then, eureka! Blue sky:


  1. congratulations Janie and Steve on such a remarkable find!

  2. What an adventure - a fabulous discovery! Thanks for letting me come along! Steve standing underneath really shows how immense the bridge is.

  3. The fourth picture down and then the last two are simply outstanding! Wow! Thanks for sharing this marvelous scenery.

  4. absolutely are so fortunate to get to go exploring and find such beauty..thank you for sharing with us...

  5. Wow..that is an amazing rock formation to discover where others do not travel. How exciting!

  6. You MADE it... How neat!!!!! I love it, Janie... Glad you made it --even though it was a hard hike.....

    Thanks so much for sharing that unusual rock formation to us.

  7. What an amazing discovery!!!
    I love how adventurous you both are...beautiful photos.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Suz

  8. WOW! How cool that you made it to this awesome natural arch. You two, or should I say 5, have good eyes. Certainly a new place for Steve's next book.

  9. This is so exciting. It wasn't easy to get to, but I think this arch is definitely worth the effort. It's beautiful and your pictures are stunning. Congratulations.

  10. What a find. You guys are awesome. I think you have naming rights now.

  11. How exciting! I love how you just HAD to go find out about the bridge. What a team.



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