November 3, 2010

Shrimp, Anyone?

Our early snow has melted everywhere below about 10,000 feet.  As we rode toward Tabby Mountain, we squinted at a rock formation in the distance, wondering what it was.  Can you see it to the right of center in the above photo?
Here's a zoomed-in view:
We think it's a natural sandstone bridge.  We didn't have time to ride over there to explore, but of course Steve is already planning a route to that exact spot. 
But we did reach our destination of the day, Birch Spring:
Like most springs in cattle country, this one is fenced to keep cows from trampling the water source. 
Steve and Daisy examined the water for critters. No fish, but they did find some tiny (1/4 inch long) fresh water shrimp:
Lots of them were swimming around in that cold spring water: 
The horses had a long run on sandy roads.  On a break, Boss enjoyed a good shake:
Mischief tried to enjoy some of Steve's PBJ sandwich:
All in all, we had a Goldilocks day in a place that would be a perfect setting for a Hollywood western:


  1. Maybe you'll get to be in the movie! :) Just beautiful.

  2. It looks like a bridge to me.

    Those shrimp are great.

  3. just need a pot of boiling water...great photos

  4. I read/look at your beautiful pics a lot but seldom comment - I love the area you have around you. I remember what it is like sitting on a horse when they shake - always wondering if I will stay in the saddle. I do envy you - that's the truth and I won't take it back - you are so fortunate to live where you do.
    Mom Beaglebratz (Kim)

  5. Gorgeous, Janie..... Hope you do get to visit that rock formation/bridge area... That would be awesome...

    Great pictures... Cannot believe you found shrimp up there... Awesome!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Can't wait for the next post about that sand bridge...exciting!

  7. Hollywood would just ruin this beauty. Does look like a natural bridge/arch. Ought to be fun to find out on another ride. Don't you bring enough PBJs to share?

  8. This looks like a perfect day Goldilocks.
    Fresh water shrimp in Utah? I never ever heard of this. So cool!

  9. Gosh, Janie - that does look like a natural bridge. Glad Steve is planning a ride there to investigate. Next time you go, pack an extra PB & J for Mischief!

  10. What an adventure...I love going on these rides with you.

    Looks just like a brige to me, too. How cool is that? And freshwater shrimp? Who knew? Are they really edible?

  11. The scene in your final photo is definitely worthy of a movie! The scenery in all of your pictures is magnificent. The shrimp in the spring were interesting.

  12. Wow! First time I've ever seen mountain seafood that wasn't along the lines of trout fishing! Way cool ...

  13. that was a perfect day, and what a find--the bridge and the shrimp. I love how that bridge is spanning the two hills. that really was an amazing find. I'll be looking forward to your trip over to check it out.

  14. Janie and Steve Hollywood stars! Why not.

  15. 'The Trail Tales of Steve and Janie' would make a wonderful reality show!
    A modern version of the Dale and Roy Rodgers show.

  16. Wow. I love that last photo. What a glorious panoramic view...and I'll bet your camera didn't capture half of it for us!! :)



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