November 10, 2009

Quota Quest

Q is for our 2009 quest to meet or exceed the 750 miles we rode in 2008.  Our hoofage now stands at 768, so the quantity is quite satisfactory.  The quality has been good as well, almost 68 rides,  about 12 miles  and 1800 feet elevation gain and loss per average ride.
Sometimes Mischief has been querulous. Sometimes I have quibbled and queried our sanity.  Steve, however, has no qualms.
Through quaking aspen, past quail or quacking mallards, or a queu of elk, we quietly trudge.  Over quartz or sandstone, rocky 2 tracks or squishy quags, we wander.
Some might find our goals questionable, or say they would prefer to quaff  Qi and eat quiche.
As soon as a quantity of snow surrounds our home, we, too,  shall not quarrel with quiche and quiet.
For more of Denise Nesbitt's ABC's, click here.


  1. Quite remarkable...great photos...

  2. I am surprised you found that many Q words that you could string together in a post. Congratulations on achieving your goals.

  3. This is fantastic..if I ever need a Q word, I'll know where to look!!!
    As always wonderful pictures too!

  4. Beautiful pictures - great rides!

  5. Quite a comdendable quest.
    That's a lot of miles Janie. You all get a lot of exercise. Maybe the 4-footeds the most.
    Again, an excellent play with words.

  6. mmm...quiche...yum! ;) (and this from someone who had two (although small) packets of biscuits at a meeting this afternoon)

  7. Quite a Quest, Janie.... Bet it was harder to find enough "Q" words for this blog--when compared to others. ha ha

    Glad you all have surpassed last year's mileage... But--don't go too much farther --since you'll have to surpass that one next year... ha


  8. Great photos!

    Many kisses,


  9. That is some quota! Congratulations!

  10. Congrats on reaching your goals!

    The blue skies are absolutely beautiful!

  11. Utterly quite delightful. I always enjoy your posts and the imagination you show in finding pictures and words to tell your stories. thank you for the fun each week.

  12. Beautiful ride and photos. Now I know a lot of "Q" words when I play bookworm.

  13. Terrific shots, marvelous scenery! Love the stories of your trips and seeing Mischief and Daisy! And what a great list of Q words! Fun post, Janie!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!


  14. Hahaha. I didn't know you were shooting for a quota. Nice job meeting it.

  15. An admirable quota! Beautiful country.

  16. Wow! that is amazing! congratulations on achieving your goal!
    great Q's too.

  17. I can't wait to see some snow.
    Excellent post!
    And your "My World" post is fantastic, too.

  18. So, how do you measure it then, it seems unlikely to me there's a milometer attached to the horse's neck...

  19. That is a ton of riding. Most people I know that have horses actually don't hardly every ride them.

  20. That's wonderful!! An awful lot of riding, which makes my feeble efforts seem ... well, feeble. LOL!

    Love the word play, too!

  21. Yogi, most people around here rarely ride their horses either. The horses serve as alfalfa-eating pasture ornaments.
    Mara, we measure distance and elevation gain with a GPS. I love the stats it spits out, I guess because I'm ridiculously goal oriented!
    Betsy, I'll keep in mind that stretching the distance this year means we'll have to exceed that next year. Poor Mischief! He likes to rest!
    Thanks, everyone, for visiting.

  22. Nice journey...Keep it up!

    thanks for great shots and your stoppage @ CLICK!


  23. Wow - great entry! Great shots.

    Thanks for visiting my blog - sorry about you not being able to see the 'Quail' photo. Don't know why....but I checked it out and fixed it up and it seems to be just fine now.

    should you care to go back and check it out.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  24. Alot of miles and alot of Qs! The shot of the two of you is beautiful with that gorgeous scenery behind you.

  25. You have done things I can't even imagine! Maybe I should try to match your mileage with walking on the beach for 2010! :-)

  26. It really shows just how much fun you have writing these ABC post, Janie. And needless to say you do it extremely well...
    Your blog is like reading a wonderful adventure series.
    Happy trails to you all and thanks again for the journey.

  27. This is absolutely wonderful. But I will admit that I have trouble picturing you enjoying 'quiche and quiet'!

  28. Having targets makes our life meaningful! Congratulations for fulfiling them.

  29. Hi Janie,

    Greetings from Casa Hice! I followed you over from Kathleen's blog and am so happy I did. Horses! I do love me some horses, you know. We surprised my daughter on her 12th birthday with a flashy little Standardbred/Quarterhorse cross named Remmy. That guy was the best gelding ever, and he was well loved. He liked to lay in his shavings at night, so he kept his stall fastidiously clean. Used only one corner, so mucking was a breeze. Easiest keeper ever.

    I can't wait to get acquainted and dive into your blog. Looks like you and Steve are living the life!

    Stop by mi casa when you have time... I'll leave the door unlocked for you!

  30. You are great at this ABC challenge!
    Nicely done!
    Just popped over from Kathleen's. She does know the best places in the neighborhood!

  31. That is an amazing number of miles you've ridden this year! I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before, Janie, but the scenery in all your photographs is simply beautiful. Riding in such a landscape must be exhilarating!

    Such a quantity of Q's--I'm impressed!

  32. 768 miles??!! You are all my heroes! :)

  33. Dear Janie,
    Wonderful qs!
    I so enjoy your rides. You have a wonderful quest.
    Always fun to visit you.



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