September 4, 2009

Pre-Hunt Solitude

The last week of August, we rode in Deep Creek Wildlife Management Area, about an hour's drive east of home.
The trail begins by crossing Currant Creek. Getting wet is always a pleasure for Daisy and Boss.
We followed an old two-track up past these reddish cliffs,
past a springy area where streambank wild hollyhock [Malvaceae (Mallow) Iliamna rivularis] grow.
In a large aspen grove, we came across this old shelter. It might have been built by men who once grazed sheep here, or maybe by hunters who used it for a blind.
At the high point of the ride we had great views, to the east (above),
and south.
In all, we rode about 10 miles and 2000 feet elevation gain and loss. Although we saw some fishermen at the trailhead and a group of hunters (scouting or bow hunting, because gun season had not yet started), we had most of the ride and the land to ourselves.


  1. Gorgeous area, Janie. Isn't it wonderful to get out there in God's world --and feel as if it's all YOURS??? I love that feeling when we are hiking WAY back in the mountains --and come upon a gorgeous waterfall JUST for us!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Oh, Janie, these pics are exquisite, BREATHTAKING! We thoroughly enjoy every time we've driven thru Utah. It is so picturesque ... particularly coming into Salt Lake ... I shall NEVER forget that particular roadway. We were with God on the mountain, descending back into reality of life. Awesome state.

    Have a lovely holiday weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. very nice views, hmmm . . . wild holly hock, I don't think I've ever come across that.

  4. What fantastic scenery you are exposed to all the time. It is nice that you do appreciate it.
    I loved seeing Daisy in the water!!

  5. You know what, it IS like taking a mini vacation when I visit here. Your photography is beautiful and it just looks so peaceful. Thanks for sharing that with all of us ~ ♥

  6. Beautiful views!! The wild hollyhock is lovely.

  7. Another beautiful ride. Must be nice to have the countryside to yourself. I suppose it might get busier once hunting season is in full swing. Love to see that Daisy enjoy the water. Great captures as always Janie.

  8. What beautiful country for a ride. And I would imagine that having most of that ride to yourselves made it even more special. Thanks for taking us along.

  9. Beautiful series of photos and what a blessing to be able to get out and ride in this great world of ours on such a regular basis.
    Blessings and smiles

  10. Hi Janie

    do you trailer the horses from home then ride?

    Do the horses suffer elevation distress like people?

    You can see that I know very little about either mountains or horses.

    It must be a wonderful way to see the mountain passes and views...

    Happy days

  11. What a MARVELOUS ride! Thanks for sharing your fabulous views with us. My best friend and her husband (out in their RV) are spending the Labor Day weekend in Salt Lake City before they head to Laramie to hook up with my sister and her hubby next week. Guess they're closer to YOU than to me right now ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. So beautiful! I always feel like I'm in another world visiting here - so far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life I live in. Thanks for the happy birthday wishes this week - have a great weekend! :-)

  13. All of your posts have life quality written over them! Time stands still in your world, amidst the beauty of nature and the closeness to your animals, not to mention the joy in sharing such a passion with the love of your life! Always enjoy my visits over at your place. And if I haven't said so before, I know that Utah is one of the places I will have to visit before I die. Preferably on horseback - with friends!



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