February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Eric!

In your younger years, you were known for cute dimples
and bad hair days.

Now, you’ve got the dimples and "curls deep down in your head" more or less under control, but you still have the natural charm to turn the eyes of females everywhere.
As a little tyke, you had Seth-brother to look after you.

That meant Seth got the good hat, the bigger Dad-boots, and the best wooden spoon (for a gun) when you played cowboy on your spring horse.
And later, Seth got to ride our dog Brutain, who mostly stood up, instead of Patches, who always lay down.

That’s brotherly devotion for you.
Then Tess came along,

and you carried on the tradition by doing your best to keep her in line.

You’ve always possessed unusual tact. At age 2, you asked balding Uncle Bill, "Why do you have not enough hair?" Uncle Bill didn't have an answer for that one.
At age 6, you informed Great Aunt Anna, "But you can't be 39 this year! You were 39 last year." No doubt she greatly appreciated that math tip.
From 18 months old when you began putting together your Ernie (Sesame Street) puzzle in record time, it was apparent you had great focus. This continued as you eagerly counted toy Indians at age 3 so you could get the right answers on your Intellivision math game.
Later, that focus and competitive spirit came in handy in playing sports,

or Zork, or those many Monopoly and Risk extravaganzas.

Or when you studied engineering, designed a Dune Buggy,
and built small rockets.
Then a much bigger rocket...

And now you’re studying plasma physics, a subject you quite patiently try to explain to the rest of us -- again and again.
You and Seth still hang out together. We just wish you'd tone down the craziness and stay off of mountains like Ranier and Hood.
You and Tess have maintained a special bond.

And in your spare time, you still seem to enjoy hanging with the rest of your kin.

Above and beyond your accomplishments, and perhaps more important in the end, you have a kind and generous heart.
Love you, Eric.
Have a happy year!
(Steve and I share the photo credits, as well as the DNA credits.)


  1. Oh, Janie! That was really a wonderful post about Eric. What a great kid and special family you have.

    How many days did it take to scan all those pics?????

  2. Yes, great post and adorable picture selection. I didn't realize you could even see his dimples when he was a tiny baby. Cute. :)

  3. This is such a moving tribute to Eric. Thank you for sharing it and all your wonderful family photos.

  4. You know how much I love you too and appreciate your endless love and support. This is quite touching. You're not supposed to try to make me cry on my birthday!

  5. What a wonderful tribute to the birthday boy!

  6. Time flies faster than we can comprehend in the moment ... it's only in looking back in the moment that we see that.

  7. Awfully warm, joy-filled birthday post!

  8. Happy birthday! Have a happy and healthy life, Eric.

  9. What a wonderful photo essay and birthday gift to Eric. Thank you for reminding us(me)of the importance of family.
    Warm smiles

  10. Cute post! Happy Birthday Eric!!

  11. This post is BEYOND spectacular...it should've come with a Kleenex warning. What an awesome, AWESOME family you have!



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