February 18, 2009

Back on the Trail

We’ve been eager to get the horses out for a ride, and today was our chance. Steve was off work, the temperatures were low 40’s, mostly sunny. Even with a brisk wind, we were able to bundle up and stay warm. We loaded the horses and trailered to the Cedars, about 2 miles from the house.
At 6000 feet in elevation, the snow is nearly melted there.
However, if you click on this photo of Steve on Boss, you'll see Mt. Emmons (13,441 ft, right above Steve’s hat) will be snow-covered for a long while. (Even by mid-July, some snow will remain in the shady areas at that altitude.)
After a three month vacation, Mischief danced a bit at first, then settled down.
We rode across sandy terrain

to a rocky-bottom creek that was partially iced over. (Darn, I didn't think about pulling out the camera there.) In trying to avoid the rocks, Boss broke through the ice and plunged across. Mischief stopped in the middle, never mind the rocks, and enjoyed a nice cold drink. We rode along the road on the other side, then circled back toward the trailer.

Daisy had great fun chasing jackrabbits. When she got hot, she lay in the snow. Several times, she slid on her belly down a little snowy hill, kind of like an otter sliding down an embankment. I wish I could have gotten a photo of that, but I missed it. Maybe next time.
We were out a couple of hours for a total of 7.5 miles, 500 feet elevation gain.
We’ll be saddle sore tonight, but after a month or so of rides in the 10 mile range, look out! Twenty milers, here we come…


  1. Looks like a grand day for a ride.

  2. Oh My Gosh-- I have NEVER done what you all are doing--- Living in a gorgeous area of the country and out riding horses. Oh --I'm so jealous!!!! Maybe in my next life, I can ride horses in Utah... Beautiful pictures of both of you--and the mountains!!!! Glad you enjoyed your day!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Back in the saddle again....isn't that a song? Looks like fun.

  4. Oh I'm so happy for you! I've been wainting for you to start trailing again for like... ages!! That third picture looks just like Niger - except with snow! Daisy must have had a blast! I'm sure the horses were really ready, huh?

    Warm greetings from my corner!

  5. What a great day you had, being saddle sore is not fun.
    I used to do trail rides and my girlfriend and i would ride day after day before the trail ride, when i first started doing it my friend said make sure you bring a couple of Kotex, i really didn't know why till we went on the ride, I had also bought brand new jeans that had not been washed but once, Didn't take long to figure out why the Kotex. LOL.

  6. oh to be on a horse again, western style, cant do brit style...no enjoyment, stiff and starchy...

  7. I smiled to see you both so bundled up against the cold. At 6000ft it must have felt fresh.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful corner of the world. It is so very different to what I'm accustomed to..

  8. The day looks beautiful and the sun and cool air would have been so refreshing. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  9. Cool! Glad you got out for a ride, it looks like it was a good time. What a good boy Mischief is taking his time across the river and not panicking. I'm getting excited about spring, it is finally getting close.

  10. Wonderful Janie, you lucky, lucky thing.

  11. Oh my gosh..what a place to live and then be able to ride too..heaven..



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