February 24, 2009

Fashion Faux Pas

F is for fashion.

The fickle finger of fate led a fashion-conscious fellow to a finished fringed garment, a fait accompli, a failsafe facsimile of mountain manwear to impress family and friends. No factory-made article, this, but fabric sewn with faceted skill, a fantasy made for this fellow, as if by a faithful fairy godmother. In one facile move, the fellow forked over the fabled fee.
And with his facetious friendmaker, he forayed out in fabulous fashion.
Photo credit: our son Eric, model for my last ABC Wednesday post, E is for Ear Wax, and author of the blog Musings of a Wandering Physicist.
**Fact or fiction factor: Steve always wanted a fringed leather jacket, so he was delighted when he acquired one a few years ago. Isn’t it fantastic with his bobcat hat? (I know it's not politically correct these days, and I'd never buy a fur of any kind. However, many years ago, an old Louisiana trapper gifted Steve with a smelly, uncured bobcat hide, and guess who got to cure it? Yours truly. That's the closest I ever want to get to living the pioneer life.)
Does my fella look like a mountain man, or what?
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  1. Oh Janie, He's a cutie.... I know he's proud of that fringed leather jacket.

    Don't think I'd EVER want to cure any kind of hide or whatever!! Gee--I'm definitely not a pioneer woman.


  2. Oh that Steve.....he marches to his own drummer, kind of like someone else I know!

  3. lol! I love the alliteration...

  4. I'm envious of that wonderful fringed coat and love the bobcat hat. Although I don't kill, I do collect furs and such.
    He's a good looking mountain man.

  5. Nice jacket.
    Your photos from "My world" post are amazing!

  6. That is a beautiful garmet and it must be a pleasure to wear it. Enjoy it and appreciate all the workmanship that went into it.

  7. An outfit like that never goes out of fashion! In fact, that's what they are wearing on the Paris catwalks as we speak.

  8. You all are hysterical! I think this photo should be submitted to the Smithsonian - ha!

  9. He sure does look like one, although i think he needs a lot more facial hair LOL

  10. I have always thought that men grow beautiful with age, and your Steve confirms it. And the cathide does its too!

  11. Why do I hear a song from the dim, dark, furthest recesses of my childhood, ringing in my head?

    Davey - Davey Crockett!
    King of the Wild Frontier!


    Tink *~*~*
    Now Playing at My Mobile Adventures *~*~* : Sanibel Island, pre-Charlie

  12. I have something for you at my blog

  13. Wow, what a fabulous furry fellow! Great pics on your site! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  14. I think he looks quite dashing and dandy.

  15. A fantastic F post! You covered a lot of F's. Thanks for your visit!

  16. You definitely stayed true to the f-theme! Fantastic...



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