May 19, 2008

Summer Timer

Our lawn grass was looking dry and listless. It was time to give it some care… in the form of regular watering, that is.
· Our old automatic sprinkler control box was kaput, so I fetched a new one from Lowe’s, a nifty 12 station Orbit Watermaster. I had replaced one before at our Vernal home, so I wasn’t too intimidated. The installation turned out to be relatively easy.
· My difficulty came in trying to get the water turned on (couldn’t seem to get the turner-on-er into the right slot), then in figuring out how to close all the valves that the sprinkler winterizer dude had left open. I kept having trouble with not enough pressure and with the zones staying on when the timer was off. Finally got that figured out and solved.
· After a little adjustment, we were in business! Our lawn feels loved now. All we have to do is sit back and watch it grow.
· And tune up the lawn mower while we’re resting…

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