May 19, 2008

Indoor Robin

Several times this week I noticed a robin flying out of our garage’s open door when I went from the house to the garage. This morning, I finally realized why. She/he had made a nest on top of the garage opener mechanism!
· The nest looked complete, but I got on a ladder and saw that there were no eggs in it yet. I carefully removed the nest, still damp from wet grass and the mud that had been packed into it, and set it in a fork of a nearby aspen tree, hoping the birds would find it and use it in the new location.
· A little later, I saw a robin fly into the garage and leave again, probably extremely confused about what happened to the nest. I closed the garage door to avoid more indoor nest building. A little later, I saw a robin flying in the vicinity of the garage with grass blades in her mouth, apparently still with building on her mind.
· I’ll be leaving the garage mostly closed. Sure hope the robins are able to make a new home in time to welcome their young…

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