May 19, 2008

Propane, the Right Spot

· When we moved into our new house last summer and filled up the propane tank for the first time, the propane company informed us that they’d been telling the old man who preceded us that the tank was too close to the house. The propane regulator was also misplaced and violating another regulation.
· At the time, we couldn’t decide where to move the tank, and winter snows were upon us before we did anything. Today was the day.
· The propane guy did a great job of moving the tank without even breaking any limbs off the apple tree. It is now located at an appropriate distance from the house. Unfortunately, the gas line to the new spot needs to be buried in an 18 inch deep trench. I was hoping the propane company would do the grunt work with a ditch witch. No such luck. We either had to pay a ridiculous price per hour for hand digging, or do it ourselves. So, I’m doing it. Gradually. It’ll take a week at 1 hour per day, at least.
· In other news, I hung the sprinkler box more securely and figured out why the sprinklers didn’t come on automatically this morning. I forgot to turn the dial to Auto! That was simple.
· After doing so much handiwork around the house, maybe I should hire myself out as a handyman. Could be some money in it.

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