May 25, 2008

Cedars Loop

On Saturday, the weather was predicted to be chilly and rainy, so we stayed close to home and rode in the Cedars area about ten minutes west of our house. This is the same area where we cross country skied every weekend last January and February. We rode our old ski trail, then continued down to the gulch and across. We had wondered if the gulch would be marshy and difficult to cross, but we found a narrow, rocky, easy crossing near the southern part of an alfalfa field. We continues south for a few miles, found another easy crossing, and made a loop back to the ski trail and eventually the trailer.
We saw a golden eagle swooping along above us. Daisy didn’t catch any rabbits, which was a blessing, because she always manages to catch their fleas. We made an 8 mile ride, basically flat, in about 3 hours.
We started out from the trailer with cold wind, rain, and popcorn snow, but sun came out and warmed us up considerably, turning this into a very pleasant ride.
Moral: Don’t let the weather stop you. By the time you get where you’re going, the weather will probably change.

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