May 19, 2008

Country Life

This is our first spring in our country home, and we’re not lacking in things to do. We did our best to eradicate the thorny Russian olives growing down by the creek. Our plan was to stack up the leavings and burn them, but, to our chagrin, we couldn’t get the darn stuff to burn even with a dousing of diesel fuel. Guess they need to dry out a bit. Maybe next fall?
Meanwhile, I obtained 50 dry root trees and bushes from Natural Resources on April 18. (Okay, I admit I got carried away. They were incredibly cheap, though, and it sounded like a good idea at the time.) Finally got them all planted. Golden currant, dogwood, lilac, Siouxland poplar, and littleleaf linden. The lilacs are planted in the yard, the rest down by the creek. I have to water them at least weekly. For the creek plants, that means hauling buckets of water up to them.
Oh, well. I needed the exercise, I guess.

While I’m working on my gardening, I let Daisy come along with her shock collar on. She’s learning, gradually, that ignoring Mom isn’t a good plan. Lately she’s been sticking with me most of the time. See photos of Daisy Mae, our yellow lab. Also known as HiLee, short for Highly Gifted.

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