September 12, 2010

Geocaching for Springs

Last week, we took a ride to Indian Head (9900 ft), the highest point along Indian Canyon.  We had views of the West Tavaputs Plateau to the north (with the Uintas in the far, far distance):
the Wasatch Range, about 40 miles to the west:
and south toward the Price River valley and off toward vast basin and range country:
  From there, we rode down the nearby Horse Ridge.  We had nice views toward Gray Head Peak, an area we have ridden a lot:
A few aspen leaves had gotten the fall memo and were beginning to change. 
Some of the berry bushes were cooperating by putting on their fall colors:
We had GPS readings for 3 springs (hoping to find water for the animals in this dry country).  Yogi and his fellow Geocachers might think of this as playing their game.  But we failed!  We went to the coordinates, and searched all around.  One place had some old pipes, indicating the spring had been tanked at one time, but it's dry now.  The other two places didn't look at all likely:
Strangely enough, the one spring that we did find, by following cow and game trails, was not on the map in its actual location.  There was a spring shown in the next drainage over... Maybe the "spring" designation was misplaced, not totally missing. 
Hmm.  No geocaches for us.  And no points for the guys who made the maps, either!
We did find a hawk:


  1. I'm glad you found water, even if the GPS coordinates were of no help. The scenery on this ride was gorgeous. Thanks for taking us along.

  2. Great ride even if you didn't find the cache! I'm not sure about Yogi on a horse, though I'm sure he'd have some helpful tips.

  3. Hi Janie, We have both a regular GPS in our car and a hiking GPS... They are good to have --but not totally foolproof for sure.... One time our GPS tried to take us up a mountain road which is NO LONGER THERE.... We obviously had to turn around !!!! ha

    Glad you did find some water for the animals though...

    Beautiful scenery... WOW!!!

  4. Just as Spellcheck and calculators are not to be relied on totally, GPS needs to be used with care and good mapreading skills alongside it. Finding water is essential for your horses.
    Wonderful journey, as ever - thank you:-)

  5. Glad you found some water. Strange about the springs not being there. I find that a lot of coordinates for stuff like springs and such are scaled off a map and sometimes whoever does the scaling doesn't do it quite right. Plus the whole reference points for the lats and longs has change a couple times over the years. You see that in the "wrong coordinates" on older benchmarks. They were the right coordinates at the time.

    You have to be smarter than I am to figure it all out!

    As far as Yogi on a horse. I was around horses for a little bit as a teenager. My brother and I took care of one, rode him quite a bit, and learned how to retrieve him from the pasture, put the bridle and saddle on (especially the cinch strap!). But mainly we just rode around the pasture. We didn't take too many trail rides.

    These days Yogi is good for about a 2 hour trail ride at a Dude ranch. So I enjoy your rides vicariously.

    As an aside, I went to elementary school in Price, I love the the high desert.

  6. I remember out west in Arizona (that's south to you) you could spot the riparian areas by the vegetation ... I'm not sure if that works for the springs?

  7. G'morn, Janie ~ Another wonderful journey with you as our tour guide ... you so capture the beauty of the countryside. Love that eagle ... it is awesome.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  8. Your adventures never cease to amaze me.
    Please forward the fall memo to Florida. :)

  9. Love these high elevation rides. Such amazing views. I guess springs probably come and go, but what a bummer. Great hawk shot.

  10. What absolutely beautiful country you live in. You have such a wonderful way of getting there, too!

  11. What a pleasure to catch up on your previous posts! I'd so much love to be in your place :) Thank you for your beautiful trips!
    Have a nice week ahead!

  12. Hi Janie, I am just back from vacation and trying to catch up on visiting. This ride is beautiful but looks a little different from others. I really like the fourth shot with those gray mountains. And the hawk was a nice catch. Photo no. seven reminds me of the lone ranger! Beautiful series ...

  13. Cold weather is coming! Enjoy getting out while you can. The summer went by too fast.

  14. Did I read correctly? you took a ride to Indian Head (9900 ft)?? How long it took you to climb up on the top of 9900 ft?

  15. Following the wildlife trails is much wiser than any thing imperfect man can come up with... they just follow their nose.
    Glad you found water for your thirsty crew.

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