July 6, 2010

Woodsy Weekend

We met up with the little Munchkin and her family near Daniels's Pass over the weekend. 
Here she is, learning her compass skills from Grandpa:
"Okay," she burbles, "I think I've got it!":
Getting her into her baby backpack is a lot of work:
But she's soon(er or later) ready to go:
Momma duck sent her young'uns out to play, too:
We walked through big meadows full of mules ear in bloom:
The doggies found a perfect place to satisfy their fetching fixation:
Ornate checkered beetles were out enjoying the pollen.  This one was on a chokecherry blossom:
And we found a new (to us) flower to celebrate the day, a Douglas' Triteleia:


  1. Such beautiful photos. That munchkin is just gorgeous. And I laughed at the dogs swimming...so cute.

  2. I hope that Grandpa gave her a rundown on how to correct a compass for declination during his briefing.

    Munchkin is very lucky to have parents and grandparents who take her outside and show her stuff while she is so young.

    I'm glad that I'm not the only one who wears extra wide brim hats with drapes to keep the sun off me. Grandpa and Munchkin are certainly styling.

  3. She sure looks happy to be outdoors with the family.

  4. what a lovely day and it's nice to see that the little one is getting right into the family traditions

  5. What beautiful blue eyes! She looks very happy so I bet she'll be another outdoorsy person. :)

  6. Cute post, Janie.. I know how much you and Steve enjoy begin with your kids ---and MOSTLY that granddaughter. She's gorgeous... What beautiful eyes!!!!

    Looks like you had a nice hike... Glad the dogs enjoyed it also--especially the water. It's so hot here today --that I would love that water myself... ha

    Thanks for taking us on your hike!!!

  7. Normally, I am oohing and ahhhing over the wildflowers, but I'm afraid your adorable granddaughter steals the show here! I love the photo you took of her in the carrier in her big sunbonnet. She's already enjoying Nature. I also really like the photo of Daisy and her pals retrieving.

  8. she is so cute...great photos....looks like you had a good time...

  9. I agree that Zoey steals the show!

  10. I agree with Barb and mountain mama! Your grandbaby is just adorable.

  11. What a cute and precious granddaughter you have there Janie. She is absolutely adorable and way to go starting her out enjoying nature at such an early age. Fantastic photos all of them.
    An English Girl Rambles

  12. What a happy Lil' Munchkin! It's so good to get children into nature & form the connection at a young age.

  13. I have no words either for anything else but your granddaughter.
    She is adorable and a happy hiker already.
    What a great family weekend!

  14. Hey! I see you also get comments from the Chinese person who leaves .... and every dot is a different junk link. Wonder if they found you through me or the other way. Anywho, cute blog. Munchies Kins approves of the pics you posted of her.

  15. What a sweet, happy little girl. It's nice to see her getting an early start to her hiking training and education - and what a beautiful state to start it!

  16. Precious, must be your granddaughter middle name, it describes her perfectly. You are bless with a beautiful family.
    Life doesn't get any better than this, does it Janie!

  17. Janie: Love the shot of the smile while in the backpack.

  18. A beautiful baby girl. She is learning early to appreciate Nature. It is the nicest to have grand children who tell you I love you as big as the world!

  19. Well, that sounds like a fun get-together! Love the flowers, the ducks, the dogs swimming and the beautiful trees but the sweet baby with the big smile is the star of this post!

    I'm especially pleased to see her hat...it's darling on her but more importantly, it protects her little head from the sun.



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