July 28, 2010

Mischief Earns His Lunch

Lake Mountain is close to home and always a pretty walk or ride. 
Above, Mischief and I stand in the aspens with Marsh Peak visible in the distance.
Gull Lake has dried to a small pond by mid-July, with a big grassy meadow around it.We ride on past the lake, through a fence gap, and over toward Pine Ridge.  The views are dramatic:
Daisy finds a spring-fed pond to swim in:
On the way down, horses and dog enjoy a water cooler break:
Near the spring that feeds the water trough is a huge clump of wild rose bushes in bloom:
 Even the parking area is gorgeous:
Steve and Boss practice flying lead changes in the meadow near the trailer:
Mischief demands a Horse Union-required lunch break after hauling his human for
8 miles and 1600 feet of elevation gain and loss:
On the drive home, we spy a hawk in a field:
He spies us, too, and flies away with a rodent catch in his talons.


  1. Wow---what a beautiful place.... I would love the views and just being out there in all of those open spaces... WOW!!!!

    You all must have had a great ride... And Daisy seemed to really enjoy herself...

    I am just down-right envious.... ha

  2. What great horse country--do you see other riders? I'm always amazed that so few ride the high prairie around here--ranchers/cowboys do when they're moving cattle, but almost never do we run across recreational riders unless its on regulation Forest trails up in the timber. Maybe just a reflection of how few people live here?

  3. way to go daisy! what beautiful photos.

  4. Magnificent views as always! That first shot is beautiful with all the different shades of whites. I wonder if you (or Steve I guess) thought of white balance, or it just cane out so pretty. Love to see the aspen trees, they remind me of birch trees, which are common where I lived as a child. And that's the most beautiful parking lot I have ever seen. Horse-union required lunch...LOL.

  5. What a picture perfect place to ride, Janie. It looks like you can see forever over the mountains and valleys.
    I enjoy the journey immensely, thanks.

    Happy trails ;)

  6. Thank you so much. I love reading these journal entries...each one unique and special.

  7. Eco, We've had the same experience you describe. We see ranchers moving cattle, but other than that, very few riders. On the major trails we see some riders (outfitters, mostly, but a few non-commercial groups) with pack animals heading in to set up camp at the High Uintas lakes. Recreational day riders are very rare.
    In the fall, we come across a few more people who are out for hunting season. On most of our rides, we don't see a single human, mounted or not. It's just amazing to have such vast mountains and meadows all to ourselves.
    Carol, we weren't thinking of white balance - maybe we should have been! Most of our photos aren't particularly planned. We just see great scenery and can't resist.

  8. Ah the lovely horse rider from Utah. Breathtaking scenery as ever. Considering all the activities you have, did you ever think of participating in any Equestrian event? I'm sure you are competitive in this arena. Just musing.

  9. Beautiful landscape and gorgeous pictures!

  10. Mischief and you blend in well with the Aspen. Both horses look in fine shape. Steve appears to be having fun on Boss running in the meadow. And the views are outstanding, even where you parked. Looks like a nice place to camp.

  11. Another wonderful trip to enjoy through you - thank you! I notice you seemed to be fairly well wrapped up - is that against the sun or wind or both? (or neither!)

  12. you have such beautiful places to ride..

  13. I guess Mischief did earn his lunch break since you were so kind to take all of us along with you. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous.

  14. Daisy can always find a water hole can't she???
    Can never get tired of those gorgeous skies!!!

  15. I loved this ride - the pics are fabulous. The photos of Steve and Boss should be framed! (Plus, you and Mischief in the aspens.) I also think the one of Mischief grazing is special - oh, well...just all of them, then. Isn't summer glorious in the West?

  16. wonderful ride today--great pictures.

  17. Yes, those views are dramatic! What a lovely place to ride.

  18. You're right, even the parking area looks aweseome! And a bit easier to drive in than the next post!



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