July 11, 2010

Wildflowers along Yellowstone Creek

As we hiked the Yellowstone Creek trail, we saw beautiful wildflower meadows.
There were golden peas and penstemon,
columbines and bluebells,
wild roses,
yellow salsify,
and of course, the requisite mystery flower.
Butterflies flitted through fields and forests.
The creek was running strong, covering the trail in places.
The beaver have been hard at work on spring construction projects.
They haven't quite finished felling this tree.
On the drive home, we stopped to take a photo of what we thought was a golden eagle
but turned out to be the less glamorous buzzard.  Oh, well.  Even buzzards like to get out and enjoy the day.


  1. So many gorgeous wildflowers. Hope to see some of those out in the woods tomorrow. Looks like you got a fair amount of melt to have streams covering the trail, but I'm sure Daisy didn't mind.

  2. Hi Janie, We are seeing the same wildflowers! Is the mystery one Pearly Everlasting? I'm seeing some of that now - kind of like Pussytoes but bigger.

  3. How beautiful... I love it when you put the names with the flowers... Since I don't know my wildflowers, I love being able to read the names... Some people post photo after photo --with no names. Drives me crazy!!!

    What a great hike you all had...Did you have alot of creek crossings? We usually do when we are out waterfalling....


  4. the flowers are so pretty...most of our wild flowers are gone...how cool to see a buzzard and a eagle...

  5. Love all the wildflower shots, things are really blooming. Gary and Amber got rained out from the Yellowstone last weekend.

  6. So much beauty...aside from the buzzard.
    Gotta love those mystery flowers!

  7. Wonderful post and beautiful pictures.

  8. Those flowers are very lovely. As usual great pictures! What kind of camera do you use? I want to buy a new one since we moved and are doing a lot more hiking. The camera I have does serious injustice to the places we visit.

  9. Hiking along a stream is one of my favorite things. The wildflower collection is absolutely stunning. Even the buzzard is cool!

  10. It's lovely to see a panorama of wild flowers. The air must be full of pollinating insects.

  11. A beautiful hike but I don't think I'd care for those stream crossings.

  12. love the flower shots - so many great ones! Yellow Salsify - i saw this one recently and didn't know what it was - now i know! Great post!

  13. It's wildflower season here in Belgium too! (Quite possibly too what is making me sneeze.)

  14. Wonderful wildflower photos! They are really great this year!

  15. I love those wildflowers also. Thanks Janie, always great to go on your trips and view all that glorious scenery.
    An English Girl Rambles

  16. I love mountain flowers, and your shot of the vulture was great too. We saw a pair of golden eagles when we were camping a couple of weeks ago.

  17. Thanks for the journey through the beautiful wildflowers, Janie. I think the buzzards in south Florida are even less handsome. They have a face, only a mother could love.



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