February 3, 2010

Loving Spoonful

Yogi at Yogi's Den awarded me the Happiness Blog Award, (Thank you, Yogi!  Your blog makes me happy, too!) and before I get distracted (which happens a lot) I'm going to be a good, conscientious blogger lady and pass it on.
First, I'll play by the rules and name 10 things I love:
1. Steve, my husband of 35 years.  He's a wonderful companion, father, grandfather, and partner in crime - I mean, adventure - on the trail and in life.
2. Our 3 children, all of whom are constantly surprising us with how smart and good-looking they are.
3. Our 4 grandchildren.  Smart, good-looking, highly gifted (no bias here, I swear) and lots of fun.
4. Extended family: son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, moms, dads.  We're blessed.
5. Friends and neighbors.  In the last year, bloggers have become friends, too, and I welcome and very much enjoy that addition to my life.
6. Our critters: Daisy, Mischief, Boss, and animals in general.
7. Horsebackriding, anywhere, anytime.
8. Cross country skiing or hiking, depending on the season.
9. The great outdoors: mountains, deserts, forests, etc.  I love it all.
10. Reading, writing, and photography.

Okay, I don't think anyone was shocked or even mildly surprised by the above list.
Now, to pass along the award...
I love visiting all the blogs on my blog roll, but I'll specifically name ten, in no particular order:
Creative Chaos Cynthia, a fellow Utahn, is a naturally funny lady.  I love her humor and her honesty.
The White House There's always something interesting happening at Gayle's house, what with all the kids and pets and Alaska weather.
The Road Goes Ever On  Kaye is a fellow Utahn, takes great photos, and loves writing, reading, and word games. 
Ishtar News  Esther shares life in Niger, including horsebackriding, ridgeback raising, and her work to make life better for the people of Niger. 
Memorable Meanders  Jo lives in South Africa but is currently in Khartoum.  Visiting her blog is an international experience.
Joyful Reflections  Betsy takes beautiful bird and waterfall photos, and shares her interesting travels.
Senior Hiker Photos  George shares flower photos, lovely waterfalls, and sometimes a bit of history from his travels.
Geogypsy Gaelyn leads an exciting life as a summer park ranger and summer traveler, and she shares her great photos and numerous adventures with her readers. 
Many Rivers to Cross Mountain Mama is another Utahn. Beautiful photography, deep thoughts.  What's not to like?
Small Reflections Visit here for lovely mosaics and other interesting presentations of photos on a variety of subjects, a visual feast.

To the recipients: Feel free to post the logo and pass on the award.  Or not.  I attach no expectations or demands.


  1. Thanks Janie! I think you picked most of my favorite blogs, funny that we should like the same people!

  2. Thanks for thinking of me! I love your blog and living vicariously through your adventures.

  3. have I told you how much I love your banner?
    Congratulations on your award Janie!

    I can't wait to check out all the blogs you listed.

  4. Congratulations on an award well deserved! Love to you, your family, and your critters!


  5. I believe you love all the best things. I so enjoy reading your blog Janie and you deserve this award. Thanks for including me on your list. I will try to be prompt in response but no gaurantees.

  6. Congratulations on your award! looking forward to checking out those links.

  7. That is a wonderful list Janie!!!!
    No surprises at all. :)

  8. Thank You so much for mentioning my blog, Janie. Both George and I love to blog --and love to visit blogs just like yours...

    YES---there were no surprises when it came to your answers... I will try to do this sometime this month also--but knowing me, you will not be surprised by my answers either.


  9. Congratulations on your award -- it is very much deserved. I can't say I'm surprised at your list -- it simply confirms why we enjoy your blog so much. And thank you for thinking of me. I'll try my best not to embarrass you!

  10. Congratulations on your well-deserved award! I enjoyed your list of things you love and appreciate you passing it along to Small Reflections. I appreciate the linky-luv and the introduction to a few blogs I've not had the pleasure to visit (along with many I enjoy regularly as well). I'll check them out as time permits ... and pass the award along soon.
    Hugs and blessings,

  11. no one deserves it more than you :)

    Thanks for thinking of me!



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