May 16, 2009

Desert Spring

To find beauty in the desert, take the time to look closely. The spring wildflowers are all the more astonishing because they're unexpected.
In "The Cedars," an area near home where we often ride, there are no cedar trees. The first white-man settlers mistakenly called the juniper trees "cedars". Thus, the misnomer. Last week, we found this sandy semi-arid region beginning its spring bloom.
We found large groupings of lupine (most species are poisonous to livestock. Horses and cows generally won't eat it.)
sand verbena,
desert primrose,
silvery townsendia,
pretty yellow flowers (don't know the name).
death camas (the plant contains toxic alkaloids, which accounts for the name),
and long-leaved phlox.
Prickly pear and claret cup cactus will be blooming in a week or so. We'll go back for that show. The area may seem dry and uninviting, but beauty is abundant for those who care to look.
For more scenic views, click here.


  1. Hi Janie, Those are beautiful wildflowers... I had no idea that any flowers would bloom in the desert --other than cactus and things like that... That is so interesting. Thanks for sharing. I love the color of that blue one. Reminds me of the Bluebonnets in Texas!!!!


  2. Yup, there are lots of wildflower varieties in these here parts. I ran into Tom and Kathy on the Flume Trail today and we were remarking that there don't seem to be as many flowers out this spring. Our agreed upon theory is that the wind dried a lot of them up.

  3. Your posts are very effective in showing us the beauty of the desert. I think we all wanna move there now :)

  4. Great photos Janie. I just love the desert bloom. Too many people think it's a dead place.

  5. YYes! I was one of those people who thought deserts were dead places, too. But this is just so pretty!

  6. Great to see all things that actually is ALIVE in the desert!
    Beautiful pictures!

    Have a great sunday!
    My scenic is up too :)

  7. Great shots. All are beautiful.

  8. Nice variety of flowers! It is always refreshing to see flowers in the desert. I like the pic of Daisy and Daddy, cute.

  9. I had forgotten about junipers vs cedars. Dad was a forest ranger and he would always correct people on that point.

  10. I love your found desert flowers. Isn't it amazing that there is a whole garden of flowers out there without people tending to it? I think that is so cool that you can identify them as well.

  11. I could almost smell the cedar! My favorite wild flower from Utah is the Sego Lily, which also grew in SE Idaho. Thanks for the memories :O)



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