July 26, 2008

Show or Field?

When we were looking for a yellow lab pup, we researched the breed and found that show stock dogs are better for family, more sedate, etc. Books advise that the field trial variety have too much energy for the average household.
Therefore, we asked the breeder which type her litter was. The breeder, of course, having read the same advice to buyers that we read, told us that our Daisy’s litter was from “show” stock. Yeah, right.
No dog has more energy. Daisy Mae reminds me a little of Marley’s sire in Marley and Me, racing in from the field, covered in dirt and leaves, a wild look around the eyes. She can run with the horses, with them going 15-20 miles, and Daisy ranging around, covering 2 to 3 times the distance. She’s long-legged, lean, fast, and never seems to tire. If ever a dog fit the description of field trial lab, she’s it. I think the breeder “seed us comin’”, as our old friend Walter would have said.
We love her, but she’s a little on the wild side. Here she is chasing an antelope:

1 comment:

  1. Oooh love the action shot of her leaping over the stream. Yeah, sedate wouldn't be the first word to come to mind when describing Daisy.. I mean... uh... beautiful! That is what would come to mind! And of course, highly gifted!



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