July 5, 2008

Holiday Baling

Yesterday morning, I had gone out to water the new trees and shrubs I planted along the creekbank, when I saw Jim, our neighbor, driving through the gate with his tractor and baler. All the hay was baled in a couple of hours. We were pleasantly surprised to have a yield of 2 tons per acre.
We’re set for winter with one cutting on a little over half of our field, under 2.5 acres (and the horses had grazed on the lower part for almost two weeks this spring.)We like playing farmer. (Especially when someone else owns the machinery and does much of the work!) Jim was going to pick up the hay with his bale wagon and stack it in our hay yard yesterday afternoon, but he found that his machine needed a new universal joint and the suppliers were closed for the holiday. With luck, he’ll get his repairs done and the stacking complete today.
Last night, we spent a pleasant hour watching city fireworks (easily visible across the alfalfa fields) with Jim and Lisa. It was a nice, uncrowded way to enjoy the festivities.

1 comment:

  1. You guys are becoming genuine country folk. When you going to get a hale baler of your own? Cool that you got so much hay. We pretended to be country folk on the 4th and went to the rodeo. =)



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