July 31, 2008

A Day in the Life... of a Farmer

This morning’s pickings:
The squash plants are huge. The green beans are just starting to produce. The corn and tomatoes have yet to ripen. We’re rich in fresh fruit. (I just recently read that all this stuff is really fruit, not veggies. The apple trees are likewise loaded. We will eat be eating well for a long time.
I remember when I was a little girl and visited my grandmother, she was always snapping beans or cooking okra or shucking corn. The garden kept her busy. She and my grandpa were retired by then, but for many years they ran a dairy farm that provided milk to many in the New Orleans area. Steve’s dad talks about how his parents lived off their acreage in Arkansas when he was a kid, growing every fruit and vegetable they could, plus keeping a few hogs for meat. Steve and my parents didn’t do much gardening, but I guess we’ve now gone full circle. All we need are some pigs.

And maybe Old Bossy.

With the FDA doing so little to inspect our food, more and more folks may be going back to old times, eating out of their own back yard garden.

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