July 14, 2008

Uinta Trek

My 3 boys returned Friday evening from their adventure in the Uintas. Eric took lots of great photos. They saw a pine marten, a huge herd of elk, a pair of elk calves (sans mama, fortunately), a moose cow and calf, and an overly friendly deer that kept hanging around camp. When they spotted a porcupine rooting on the ground, Eric decided to see what would happen if he moved it around with his foot. That could have ended badly, but at the first sign of porcupine tail-flicking, Eric was wise enough to get out of the way.
As a current northeasterner, Seth was just glad to sleep under the stars and have his nightly campfire. Steve reported great discussions on philosophy, politics, and various ways to save the economy and the planet.
When they returned to Roosevelt, they were more than ready for mom’s post-hike steaks on the grill. We drove the boys to Salt Lake to visit with Tess and Tim, then took them to the airport to catch their separate flights going to opposite ends of the country. As of Sunday night, Steve and I were back to the quiet life down on the farm.

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  1. Your first and 3rd pic come up in a seperate window, but the middle pic doesn't. Did you compress that one? Maybe they only come up in a seperate window if they haven't been compressed..? It was fun to hang out with you guys!



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