August 24, 2016

Busy Summer

 Our two oldest grandkids flew out to visit without their parents, a first for us. 
We fished, hiked, checked out dinosaur bones, and visited the zoo with cousins.  The bird show at the zoo was impressive, with raptors swooping in right over our heads.  Afterward, the cousins had their picture taken with a bald eagle. 
On the drive back from a fishing expedition, Daisy enjoyed bonding with her boy.   
A few weeks later, our son was back with his whole family.  The cousins posed on a bridge. 
A hike in Albion Basin, near Alta Ski Resort, is a family favorite. 
The views and wildflowers are great. 
There are rocks to climb.
Some of the rocks have fossils. 
For an added treat, a little patch of snow remained for a short glissade.
We also had a special addition in June.  On a trip to visit the newest family member, we caught both our son and his daughter wearing Mona Lisa smiles.


  1. This post made me smile SO big.....bigger than Mona Lisa. :) It's so nice that you get to spend so much quality time with your Grandkids. I can only imagine all the lovely memories they'll have with you. My grandparents were awesome, but we never went rock climbing or fishing. LOL!! Congrats on the newest cutie to your bunch!!

  2. Looks like you all have had a very exciting summer --with the grandchildren--and their parents... Congrats on the newest grand... How adorable....

    Love the wildflowers ---and wasn't it neat for the kids to see a tiny bit of snow left? That is just so special.

    How many grands do you have now? Seven?


  3. Hi Janie, such sweet photos of all the young ones, and that last shot of Daddy with baby, very special indeed!!!

  4. How great to spend time with family including your adorable new granddaughter, congrats! The six cousins on the bridge picture is wonderful. :)

  5. Oh how fun for you and the kids to play together in this gorgeous landscape. Congrats on the precious new addition.

  6. Wow, you guys are blessed with some great kids and grandkids.

  7. What fun to have the cousins together! We loved beach time with the 6 grands. Your wildflowers look gorgeous. That little one is too adorable. Are you already battening down the hatches for winter? I'll be pleased if we have fall first.



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