May 22, 2016

San Rafael Swell Wildflowers

claret cup cactus
Many wildflowers were in bloom when we visited the San Rafael in mid-May.  I will attach my best guess at names, but I can't guarantee accuracy.  Please let me know if you have a better idea.
Fendler's Hedgehog cactus
Fendler's Hedgehog cactus flower

Penstemon Ambiguus ?

Penstemon ambiguus flower

Penstemon ?

Scapose Greenthread

Yellow Cryptanth



  1. I do love those wildflowers Janie. They must be very sturdy to grow in such an arid landscape. One of my dreams is to visit the dessert when all the flowers are blooming. One of these days :) Have a great week!

  2. WOW! You already have seen so many wildflowers. Friends and I camped in the San Rafael Swell one spring many years ago. There was so much wind it started blowing the tents away! We finally had to leave and drive to Green River and a motel because it began to snow. We saw so much orange Globemallow from I 70 coming back from the beach. As soon as we got past Cedar City, UT, there were gorgeous swaths of it. Not much blooming yet here at altitude, but every day brings less snow.

  3. Oh how neat... I LOVED seeing all of the beautiful wildflowers... We saw some beauties in the mountains of North GA recently on one of our hikes...

    I'm impressed that you know all of the names... I certainly do NOT know the names of all of the common wildflowers around here.. BUT--I still love them all.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous wildflower and all new to me...:)

  5. Hi Janie, Whenever we pass through UT, I think of you and Steve. When we returned home in May from CA, there were so many orange mallow blooming along 70. This last trip through coming back from our anniversary celebrations, we saw many alpine sunflowers after Richfield. I hope your summer has been filled with family and outdoor activities. I can't believe children are already going back to school! Great photos of the spring wildflowers in the Swell.



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