August 27, 2016

Little Cowboys

The best feature of our new home is location -- close enough for many visits from the 3 grandkids who live nearby.
They occasionally enjoy doing chores in the barn.
Filling the Water Trough
Raking Hay

They like to pet the horses.
And of course they love to dress up in Grandma and Papa's old boots, hats, etc. and pretend they are cowboys.
The littlest one likes horses, too, even if her steed is kind of small. 


  1. Oh my. You've got a crew of real charmers there, Janie...:)

  2. How wonderful to have these delights closer.

  3. Beautiful grandchildren... I know you are happy to live nearby them---to watch them grow up. Kids do grow up SO fast!!!!! My next-to-the-youngest granddaughter got married this summer... Mercy Me!!!!

    Didn't know you all had moved... How did I miss that????? ha

    Have a great week...I published a blog post today.


  4. Oh my gosh, Janie - how they've grown. They do look like little cowpokes. And such good helpers. What a great photo of the little one with the sparkling eyes and smiling face!



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